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“Who: Dovetail is a six piece band with frontman and songwriter Philip Creamer as the driving force and voice. They are mostly inspired by the 60s and 70s harmonies driven anthemic rock ‘n pop. From the nightingale vocals of The Byrds to the country rock of The Eagles Home: Dallas, Texas Work: debut EP ‘Love is War’ (2010) / debut album ‘Mount Karma’ (2012), re-released last October (see Soundcloud link at bottom) by their New Jersey based label ‘Ok!Good Records’ Music Is The Dope: big ‘choruses-harmonies-melodies-orchestrations’ are back. Frontman Philip Creamer’s voice takes the fine crafted songs to a stadium sized level. Rock ‘n Roll euphoria ! Oh… and long, very long hair is back too…”

“Saying that Dallas-based rock band Dovetail is a throwback rock band from the ’60s or ’70s is kind of a slight knock to both the band and music that from then. They aren’t a cover band or something. Dovetail isn’t here to overindulge us with sounds of cheapened nostalgic pleasure. In saying that, I’m not so naive to think Philip and Daniel Creamer would have arrived with this specific sound without the guidance of a few notable music figures. I guess what I’m saying is that while the harmonies remind us of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, their arrangements can spark images of Queen, and there are hints of T. Rex glam and Laurel Canyon folk, and songwriting they’re not just cherry-picking the great qualities of all these bands to create their sound without any reference or reason. The rock and roll experience isn’t one old enough to think Dovetail (and most rock bands for that matter) aren’t feeling the same way about things bands from the ’60s and ’70s were.”

““If The Beatles, The Byrds, and The Beach Boys were all thrown in a blender, put on frappe, and topped off with a dash of Muse and the slightest hint of Queen, you’d have yourself a Dovetail. Dynamic vocals and superb instrumentals make these Texans one HELL of a band that every rock ‘n’ roll lover should see.””

“A group of three young musicians sit around a table sipping on whiskey and water talking about the journey of their first full-length record and their impossibly cool sound. These musicians comprise part of the local band Dovetail and their new album Mount Karma has grabbed the attention of the Local Edge and the adoring public alike.Dovetail’s live performance is a dynamic cocktail of classic and contemporary touches such as impeccable three and four part harmonies, vintage clothing and obscure John Lennon covers. Normally I’d consider this a recipe for certain failure brought on by unbelievable arrogance. But the undertaking of reinterpreting the angsty masterwork of a former Beatle was done so humbly I found myself caught up in the excruciating honesty of “Mother” and actually choked up as they followed this with “Can’t Feel You,” a melancholy original about giving up the ghost in welcome worn romance.”

“...know that “Mount Karma” is the first full-length album from the Dallas group, Dovetail, and listening to this twelve track record is indeed a journey. I believe everyone can produce a masterpiece in their area of expertise. For instance, if you are an author, you are capable of writing the next great American novel. If you are a painter, you are capable of painting one of the most amazing pieces of art the world will ever see. If you are a musician, you are capable of creating some of the greatest music anyone will ever hear. The keyword in all of those scenarios is “capable”. Just because you are capable, doesn’t mean you ever will make a masterpiece in anything. Nevertheless, Dovetail has managed to do something that at least 95% of all bands that every have or every will exist could spend their entire careers trying to do, and that is making a record that is a masterpiece, and a timeless one at that.”

“Upon first look, the boys of Dovetail seem as if they come from another decade. Dressed in retro scarves, vests, and numerous pieces of jewelry, these fellows appear to be headed to Woodstock. But Dovetail's new album, Mount Karma, doesn’t overdo it with the late ‘60s vibe. Instead, the band lightly borrows from favorite parts of musical history, mixing it with ample parts pop. Throughout the 12-track record, it is apparent that the boys are polished and well-versed in what it takes to make a song catchy. Mount Karma walks the line and does it well. The driving force behind the whole album is lead singer Philip Creamer’s vocals, which sound eerily similar to that of Tom Chaplin of post-Britpop outfit Keane. But unlike Chaplin, Creamer’s voice has more energy behind it – something akin to Muse’s Matthew Bellamy but less stylistically operatic and epic. Creamer can hit those high notes with ease...”

“Dovetail’s latest release, “Mount Karma,” has been a long time coming. Since their first EP, much has happened as life does—the number of members has increased, their style has matured and their sound has become more fruitful. Time served them well. The album, just like their show Saturday night at Granada Theater, begins with a jingle of guitar and smooth, syrupy vocal harmonies that catapult the listener back in time to a late ‘60s/early ‘70s pop groove. “Mount Karma” carries that sway through favorites like “Easier To See,” “Can’t Feel You” and “Mount Karma.” There are several strong, emotional moments where the songs settle into harmonically dense territory, filling the ear with gospel-inspired vocal flourishes that reach high into the rafters...”

““With a soulful sound similar to the Black Crowes and a psychedelic presence that takes you back to the days of T-Rex, Dovetail tugs at your heartstrings with their beautiful lyrics and stunning blend of harmonies. Dovetail released their first EP entitled “Love is War” two years ago, and is now preparing to release their first full-length album, “Mount Karma”. The band worked closely with Texas-native producer Beau Bedford, “Mount Karma” was a two-year process in which the band grew in their music, as well as band members. From four to seven: Daniel Creamer (Keys/Voice), Phillip Creamer (Voice/Guitars), Aaron Haynes (Drums), Scott Lee (Bass), Tucker Cauble (Primary Guitars/Backing Voice), Beau Bedford (Backing Voice/Guitar) and Matthew McDonald (Backing Voice/Percussion). With the capability to reach high-piercing notes, the powerful voice of front man Creamer has often been compared to that of Queen’s Freddie Mercury.”

“It’s a revelrous sonic landscape of timeless pop sensibilities with triumphant falsetto vocals, floating piano tinkerings and clean, moving rhythms. Philip Creamer’s voice skims Freddie Mercury territory, hitting the piercing octaval notes out of the ballpark. Thanks to younger brother Daniel Creamer, the piano melodies are more classic than fairweather novelty, which lends a complementary hand to Scott Lee’s ’60s pop-infused bass lines and Aaron Haynes’ sharp rat-tat-tats.”

Michelle Parsons - Envy Magazine