Douglass Thompson / Press

“Professional songwriting is a skill that can't be taught but rather you must live thru the experience and somehow get it on to paper. Some folks write to get stardom while others write from the heart to express themselves. Douglass Thompson is a songwriter who writes from the heart and not those "Tortured Artist" type of songs either. It's a craft that he has carved out to produce honesty, wit, and most importantly the truth... The Wisconsin native who now lays his head in city of Charlotte NC has a collection of his own songs on record now called "It was a Good Plan (Live at the Evening Muse). It was a rainy night along with Jerry Jeff Walker's birthday with a full band full of great arrangements that added depth to Doug's clever way with words... The sound of this album is filled with great arrangements ranging from the mandolin to trombone from some of the finest musicians the Queen City has to offer (Eric Lovell, Rick Blackwell, Gigi Dover, Tom Kuhn and Molly Brown).”

“on Thompson's upcoming cd release "I have to gush about this CD....when it comes out buy it and play it over and over again. This is what a Singer/Songwriter is supposed to sound like. Doug tells such wonderful stories and ropes you into each tale like it's a dream sequence. The lush sound of this CD is stellar, thanks to Eric Lovell's production (....executive producer Chuck Johnson has another career now?), the musicians added delicious layers to each song and Doug blended his creative, larger than life persona with theirs and built a musical masterpiece. Kudos Doug...you've joined the ranks of Arlo, Tom Waits, John Prine, Jerry Jeff and Phil Ochs. PS....Tom Kuhn's mandolin on "Peckinpah and Ford" was freakin' amazing!"”

She D'Ambrosio - mydaddyoradio

"Doug is the best songwriter in Charlotte, folks. I hate his guts, but he's the best."

Chuck "Charlyhorse" Johnson

“I wanna say thank you for advocating real American music with your storytelling songwriter skills. You were a delight and we will see very much more of yall in the future. If you're a fan of genuine story telling do check out Douglass Thompson... Keep doing your thing and inspire ole hayseeds like me.”

Jason Mater Robinson - Outlaw Magazine

"...'American' music in the best sense of the word...Doug is a clever,gracious,and engaging performer in the john prine/steve goodman vein"

Bonni Miller - Chez Marche

“I like listening to music that makes me look up from what I'm doing every few minutes and say "Oh damn....that's a good line!" If you like that feeling too, you need to check out Douglass Thompson. ”

Sara Corbin-Clumsy Guitar Goddess - singer-songwriter

"it's hard as songwriters to come up with a "totally original" idea,however;with Peckinpah and Ford you managed to do that,loved the line,"demons around the folding chair"...i usually hate strings, but it worked on this song!"

Mike McGuire - songwriter

“Oh Douglass...how I love thee....I love to read and every one of your songs is like a 3 minute audio book. You are a true storyteller/songwriter/singer and one of the coolest people I know.”

She D'Ambrosio, program director - mydaddyoradio.com

"Doug! I really, really like your stuff. Smart, fireside-chatty, enviable baritone. Any argument we'd have over great songwriters would be a short conversation!"

Dan Weir - film maker/musician

"I'm loving the stuff you are putting out there... great work Doug. Alternative, cool, and folk/Americana with soul..."

Michael "The Beast" Bestul - guitarist

"'Scab Angels' is such a great song it grabbed me right away and held on I also am very fond of 'Man in the Moon'. You sir are the real thing- stripped down, unpretensious, and honest wordplay of the highest order... "

Charlie Roth - songwriter