Douglas Robinson / Press

"you know, my friend just passed me a link to your N1M profile and I spent like 2 hours playin your No pain over and over. Awesome music and with big potential for the music market for sure!!! let me know when you will be releasing anything new. cheers!"

Nancy Lawrence - Number One Music Fan

"Hey I became totally addicted to your tune NO PAIN.I want to download this one to my collection which I'm playing while driving in my car through traffic jams...."

Denis Khorev - Numberone music fan

"hey yo you should make a vid for every track because your music is brilliant, NO PAIN. is def a hit!!! fingers crossed!"

Roy. - Numberonemusic Fan

"hi your "SUICIDE SADIE" is the most wonderful tune I heard in months! plz keep it up!"

Mike. - Numberonemusic Fan.


Drew. - Numberonemusic Fan

"Im really enjoying listening to your music. Hope to see you live one day :)"

Roshel Wesley - Numberonemusic Fan

"... like your voice and music a lot! wish you much success!"

Denis Montero - Numberonemusic Fan

"Give me shelter sounds. Fucking awesome mix turned out good mix master SWINE"

RAZORDOG - Reverbnation Artist

"Congratulations on an awesome cover, we've watched and really enjoyed it (Crazy Train (cover) - Douglas Robinson). Thank you for sharing it. Your talent is extremely promising!"

Coverium Covers

"i like Goodbye reverb good"

Karl Holland, Reverbnation Fan

"Hey Douglas. Great sound you have, really enjoy! Would be nice to work with you someday. Best wishes!"

Stephen Brad - Revernation Artist

"Cool creative tracks and talent. We wish you much success!"

Badger Static - Reverbnation Artist

"...just listening to Fiddler's Green. I'm a big Hip fan...not many people have covered that one...sounds great man!"

Fifth Wheel - Reverbnation Fan


Kevin M.Thomas - Reverbnation Artist