Doug Hawk / Press

"...a politically-conscious funk fest for the soul." "We are very fortunate to have a musical artist of this calibre among us here in Easton. Whether he’s swinging the funk, or crooning the ballads, this boy is the real thing, and all his own." "Doug Hawk has it all going on: melody, strong chord progressions, interesting arrangements, meaningful, smart rhymes and he swings his ass off with genuine soul." "There is a lot of love in this album: love of country, romantic love, love of family, brotherly love. Considering the topics tackled in this album, it’s an impressive feat of lyricism and soul." "Support this artist! We can all stand to hear more music from an independent thinker who looks the planet’s problems straight in the eye, and still finds optimism to spread."

“Hawk is a revelation. Working with a muscular tenor that reminds one of a Mick Hucknall or a Paul Rogers with three times the training, he has a gift for improvisation and phrasing, with his scats often propelling the groove like a shot of nitro.”

PA Musician

"I find myself drawn into the lyrics. Your words are like a politico/spiritual/metaphysical enema...and I do mean that in the most positive sense !"

Jim M., fan comment

"...he ought to have enough fans to demand a full CD release of his original music, since an EP is just too short to appreciate the world that the Proposition creates..."

"...an undiscovered treasure..."

"Radiohead meets Stevie Wonder...!?!?!"

Mike S. - Fan comment

“His latest collective, the Doug Hawk Proposition,has floated closer to a jazz and soul vibe, spotlighting how great his vocals are and his skill in hooking up with excellent players.”

“Hawk’s yearning tenor compliments his emotional lyrics, which are layered with complex thoughts as likely to be political as personal.”

“The songs are clever, pairing upbeat rhythm with vexing lyrics.”

Lauren Warner - The Easton Irregular

"If Donald Fagen and Joni Mitchell made a sex tape, Hawk's music would be the soundtrack."


“Hawk has a sweet and special vocal quality...a talented singer, with an extensive range ”

Splendid e-Zine

“The songs are certainly beautiful, traveling beyond the usual melodies and chord changes, making them mysterious and enticing.”

“...jazzy with a funk feel, smooth but rhythmic, maybe a bit like Steely Dan, and with a hint of gospel. Like all good original music, it is hard to describe.”