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"Singer/songwriter Doug Folkins has been successfully acting as an industry representative and a bridge from Canada to Nashville on behalf of Global Songwriters Connection for nearly the past 3 years. During this time Doug has been signed to a Nashville publisher, successfully served as a liaison to the Canadian market for Nashville professionals and has taken countless up and coming creators under his wing. Global Songwriters Connection believes in the leadership skill set and abilities of Doug Folkins and believes that his leadership will define tomorrow’s music industry"

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“Lynn Gann Music Enterprises signs Canadian Writer Doug Folkins Nashville-based publisher Lynn Gann Music Enterprises (LGME!) has signed Canadian songwriter Doug Folkins to its roster. “Doug Folkins is songwriter on the rise, whom I’m very excited to be working with,” Lynn Gann. “He is hard working, talented, diverse, and can cover multiple genres. I know we will make a great team and I predict we will be very successful together.” Doug Folkins is a dedicated country songwriter, who has performed over a thousand shows in the past 13 years. In addition to his own catalog, Doug’s songs have been cut by several artists in the US and Canada. He has also composed commissioned pieces for film and television projects, including National Geographic Channel. “This is an amazing opportunity signing with an exciting new company and at the same time working with respected veteran Music Row publisher,” Folkins said. “I’m really looking forward to making the most out of this opp”

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“Celtic music is about the story. Every song has one. Every performer has the chance to tell one. Doug Folkins does just that. His style of music is an exceptional blend of Celtic, country, and pop, which creates a rather unique sound, different from other Celtic musicians out there.”

“STREETS OF ROME is an example of good songwriting. It's excellent scene setting and internal storytelling, as opposed to action-packed, all the action here is internal. I love the confluence of Emily & Rome & the way you connect them in single lyric lines. It reminds me of PAUL SIMON, another great story teller, scene setter, & master of internal action. The music is strong, propulsive, & sympathetic sound & style that really suits the songs. Keeping it as organic & live feeling as you do is a good move. You are a fine writer, singer, musician, with an inspired sound, style, & musical perspective.”

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“Songs like “Park the Car” and “Pour Me Another” will please Celtic music fans, and tunes like “Calico Girl” are very catchy. “Black Velvet Band also makes an appearance at the end of the CD, rounding things out nicely. What could be a crisis of style instead manages to be a sensible blending that seems very natural. Folkins obviously loves the styles of music that he mixes, because it is done seamlessly. The entire album has a nice flow to it, and it is just so easy to listen to. A definite “kick back and put your heels up” CD.”

“Doug Folkins has carved out a nice niche for himself, blending a style that is clearly American with other flavors, such as pop, country and Celtic. Country meets Celtic? Yeah…something like that, but those that usually shy away from a “country vibe” may still want to check this CD out, as there is enough going on there to be interesting, and you can’t set it squarely in the country genre. Catchy beats and rhythms are almost pop in nature, without being over the top.”

“Musically a return to his folk rock past, "Another Last Call" has garnered critical acclaim, glowing reviews and international airplay. His single “Calico Girl” charted on the European Country Music Top 100 Charts for 5 straight weeks in 2009. ”

“Canadian Singer/Songwriter Doug Folkins has been described by some as Tom Petty meets The Pogues. Our Webzine tends to agree as this talented artist is making fantastic Celtic Rock music that sets him apart from others within the music industry”

“It was a pleasure dealing with Doug. He was very professional and a great guy who can certainly entertain an audience with his music.”

“Folkins craftily adds dollops of blues guitar and tiny tinges of modern Americana to his solid creations making "Another Last Call" a truly international sounding release.”

“Comparisons have been made to the folkpunk & pop of the Pogues & indeed there is that barroom swagger & glee in a lot of the tracks, which let the tragic edges of human behavior colour murk and heart, light & shade to the bounciest of tunes. ”

“There is something very Nick Lowe/Dave Edmunds about this new collection from songwriter Folkins, something very good, very pure and very in love with good Pop.”

"I was impressed by Doug's songs and enjoyed the performance very much. We have been enjoying his CD at the cafe in our rotation and we would welcome Doug back to the venue anytime."

"Another Last Call" is a CD of Doug Folkins in which various styles are nicely interwoven into a unique set of fresh Celtic-inspired songs. Fun is 100% guaranteed!

“Smooth-rolling americana with an Irish chaser. I'm not entirely sure where Folkins wants to lay his sound, but he's adept at whatever he plays. He even changes his voice to fit whatever sound he's in at the moment. Fine music for a back porch autumn afternoon. ”

“Canadian Celt rocker Doug Folkins gives us music to drink by"”

“Doug creates the perfect pub music, while giving the listener a bit more to think of. Imagine Great Big Sea having a 1 night stand with Tom Petty & getting knocked up. Doug would be the product of that union. Another Last Call is one of this year's finest releases.”

“Doug Folkins can be defined as a celtic rock songwriter: he loves the characters and human stories that can enrich his songs. He says to take note of each adventure to draw inspiration in his words.”

"Another Last Call" has a folk rock sound mixed with country & Celtic. This CD is definitely a surprise to ears that are unfamiliar with this genre. Folkins sings his songs from experience & he takes great pride in his music. Folkins has a strong voice and his fans will appreciate his 5th album.

“Folkins brings his rootsy musical sensibilities to his story of longing, featuring Italy & Emily (the girl)and you know he’s planning to stay there for as long as it takes for her to show up.. watching the flow of city life pass by him as he scans the crowds for her face. Streets Of Rome.”

“Doug Folkins CD - (Another Last Call) is highlighted as "Cool Celtic to Watch For" by Worldbeat Canada - May 2009.”

“Doug Folkins reminds me of Kevin McKrell as I listen to him. There is a definite tendency to mix other musical styles with Celtic sounds on Another Last Call. The play, singing and writing/arrangement on Another Last Call are all very much above average. It is very, very, very good.”

"Another Last Call" lives up to its name by being the perfect music for an evening at the pub. The songs have enough punch and bounce to keep spirits high, while providing meaningful lyrics. A song like Streets of Rome belongs with some of the best Celtic music out there.

““How do you describe Doug Folkins? A little bit of Great Big Sea mixed in with a little bit of Blue Rodeo. Folkins can go from traditional Maritime reels, to driving sing along tunes, to songs with emotion and poise. He's simply...amazing.””

"Doug's performance was extremely entertaining, with great energy and a positive vibe. Doug has an amazing ability to relate to his audience and engage the crowd."

Ian Borenheim - Entertainment Coordinator - Festival Review- Morfee Mountain Music Fest, Mackenzie, BC.