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"...There’s heartbreaks, there’s happiness, there’s a by gone sense of home and community, and overall there’s just some excellent country music that has gone “unsung” for too long and shouldn’t be confined by international borders. Two Guns Up!”

“It’s unreal how songs like “The Tears” and “Greatest Expert” were never super hits back in their day, and quite frankly I’m not sure songs like these could be written by modern songwriters even if they tried. It takes the perspective of the 50’s and 60’s to pen such authentic country sentiments, yet I can’t stress enough the magic in this music since you’ve never heard it before. It’s like hearing Hank Williams again for the first time. …One of the issues with traditional country is that it can sound tired after you hear the same songs, or the same approach over and over. But Unsung solves that issue. It’s got a little bit of everything, with the Western swing feel of “Help The New Family Move In,” to the balladry of “Lie To Me,” and the honky-tonk heart of “The Tears.” Yet Doug also figured out how to slide in some slightly new and interesting compositions in with songs like “Nothin’ Yet,” and the strange chords of “Change Your Tune.”...”

““Unsung is no vanity project meant as something to be passed out at the next family gathering; far from it. Think of this album more like a time capsule that has been unearthed with some of the best music written during the golden age of country that never saw the light of day, so it’s still fresh and new to your ears. And by going through his uncle’s entire song catalog to find the best selections, it’s like a Greatest Hits collection from some long lost legend at the same time. Put an absolutely stellar band and perfect arrangements behind all of this, and all of a sudden you have an astounding country music album that is both incredibly fresh, yet entirely classic… …You come for the music, which is lavished with steel guitar and twang and traditional country tones in a perfect representation of the material, but you stay for the songwriting....”

"Doug enlisted some of the local scene’s foremost players to assist in the task of realising the “Sixties and Seventies kinda sound” that bathes Unsung in so much warmth and nostalgia: Stuie French on lead and baritone guitar, pedal steel virtuoso Michel Rose, and Vaughan Jones on keys. Contributing the album’s phenomenal fiddle texture was U.S-based fiddler Jenee Fleenor (Blake Shelton)… …Buddy’s eclecticism and versatility as a songwriter shine throughout. Equally impressive, though, is the palpable reverence and fluidity with which Doug is able to breathe new life into his uncle’s creations. There’s a hefty dose of classic freewheeling honkytonk, replete with beetling drums, rib-rattling low-down guitars, and quicksilver pedal guitar, along with lashings of dancehall Western swing with some big up-holler heart…” …One thing is certain: Unsung is bona fida honkytonk, and then some – and plenty more besides. For the casual country fan poised to take the plunge

“It may have come in a roundabout way but Doug Bruce is riding high after securing a belated finalist position in the Male Artist category of the 2014 CMAA Awards. Of the unconventional way in which his finalist birth was awarded - with one of the previous finalist being eliminated due to eligibility issues - Doug is characteristically non-perplexed. “I guess the way this all happened was just the way it was meant to happen for me... a little unorthodox but I'll take late over never any day!” This nomination has capped off what has been a remarkable few years for Doug, with a steady rise in his success paralleling his popularity as an artist and a songwriter. “I have had so many public and private messages of support after the awards announcement - it has been truly humbling to me”, Doug claims. Doug Bruce has just released the third single from his highly acclaimed third album Made That Way - “unquestionably his best album to date” (Susan Jarvis, Capital News)”

“A year and a half ago, it was possible to describe Doug Bruce as country music's best kept secret.Not any more.Appearances at every major country music festival in Australia over the past 18 months - in several cases for the second year in a row - have ensured the word is spreading fast about this talented singer, songwriter and former drummer, who was born and raised in Texas but now proudly calls Australia home...Like Doug's previous recordings, Made That Way is filled with carefully chosen, classy songs that reflect his take on life and the world around him. He's hoping the album will follow in the footsteps of his last release, A Good Place, which netted him a number 1 hit with Coffey Road and numerous award nominations - including for CMC Oz Artist of the Year and Video of the Year in the 2012 CMC Music Awards....and the same categories in 2013,quite a coup for a relatively new artist...Doug's reputation will only be enhance by Made That Way, unquestionably his best album to date”

“Re - MADE THAT WAY album: "... if you're into honky tonk, this is good listening, good drinking, good buckle-polishing, good time noise!..."The opener [That's Country to Me] signposts the album point blank, leaving no doubt where it's allegiance lies"”

“English translation: With two album recordings DOUG BRUCE is clearly positioned in the classic, enriched with many traditional ingredients country. A recipe for success, the Texas-born and now for seven years in Australia-based singer and songwriter also in his new CD Made That Way the best applies to. Bruce has Texas in the blood, and one notices immediately that each of the 13 for the most part of authentically played and self-written songs. The country and honky tonk, is thoroughly traditional skillfully with unparalleled inspiration transported into the modern era. Very, very much! "Mit bislang zwei Albumeinspielungen hat sich DOUG BRUCE ganz klar im klassischen, mit vielen traditionellen Zutaten angereicherten Country positioniert....Bruce hat Texas im Blut und das merkt man jedem der 13 zum größten Teil selbst verfassten und authentisch eingespielten Songs sofort an. Das ist durch und durch traditioneller Country und Honky Tonk, gekonnt mit unvergleichlicher Inspiration...”

“Gympie Muster - Fabulous weather (for once..) and fabulous entertainment... Doug Bruce band has gotten even better and was our favourite act of the whole muster.”

“DOUG BRUCE AND HIS TAILGATERS HEADING FOR CABOOLTURE'S URBAN COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL 'A Texas teenager who loved Metallica and Motley Crue has grown up and is now one of Australia's rising country music stars. And next month Doug Bruce will bring his band The Tailgaters and their southern country sound to Caboolture's Urban Country Music Festival. Bruce admits he was rebelling against his country music family and life in a small town dominated by horse ranches and peanut farms when he went through his rock phase. ``Every Sunday everyone would come over and pick banjos and guitars,'' he said of his family life. Eventually, Bruce's country roots reclaimed his musical soul and by 18 he was playing drums semi-professionally, going on to establish himself in US country circles. But love changed everything. He moved to Bendigo with his Australian wife in 2005 and had a tough time breaking into the local scene...”

“AS COUNTRY AS TEXAS 'When DOUG BRUCE came up with the title for his latest album, A Good Place, even he couldn't have know how accurately it would reflect his life. Since then he has been signed to a major entertainment agency, has seen several of his songs soar up the charts, picked up a number of awards and is attracting huge audiences to his shows'..... '...Doug believes the secret to his success is that he gives himself wholeheartedly to his music. "I'm very passionate about what I do, and I try to do it in a way that conveys the emotion and substance of my songs to the audience," he said. It is clear that he is succeeding. As one journalist stated in Tamworth this year, "Doug Bruce is as country as horse sh**" - he's real, honest and authentic, and that stands out like a beacon in the world of contemporary country music. ”

“Texan-born singer-songwriter Doug Bruce is on a high this week, as his latest single, Coffey Road, has taken poll position on Australia's Country Tracks Top 30, ending the reign of Lee Kernaghan and Dierks Bentley, who had held onto that spot for the past four weeks with Scars. Inspired by his experiences growing up in small-town America, Coffey Road is the third radio single and second video released from Doug's highly acclaimed album, A Good Place. The Coffey Road video clip climbed as high as No. 13 on the Country Music Channel's Top 30 countdown, and it's been feautred on Channel 31's Nu Country. Its spreading even further afield, as Doug said the clip would soon be screened in an upcoming episode of a country music television program in the UK. Coffey Road won Doug the 2011 Merv Lowry Award for best national traditional song at the Victorian and National Country Music Awards and has made him plenty of new fans and friends as he's travelled the country, promoting the album... ”

“Markus Meier, Rose Carleo and Doug Bruce head the list of finalists for the 2011 Southern Stars - the 15th Australian Independent Country Music Awards, presented by TransACT. They have all scored three finalist berths in a year that sees a total of 23 artists featuring in the eight judged categories. Meier, Carleo and Bruce are head to head in Single of the Year and Album of the Year. Markus’s entries include My Patch Of Dirt in Single and Male Vocal, and A Different land in Album. That Season Again secured two nominations for Rose in Single and Female Vocal with Life Gets In The Way picking up an Album nomination, and Doug spread his options with Honk Tonk Shoes in Single, Coffey Road in Male Vocal, and A Good Place in Album. ”

“Originally hailing from Texas, U.S.A (check out his notable bio on www.dougbruce.com.au) and now living in Bendigo, Doug Bruce is an asset to the Aussie community of country music. His latest album, A Good Place, is intrinsically ‘country’, with rich vocals, crying pedal steel, and narratives about life and love that would match any Alan Jackson album song-for-song. Doug’s impressive writing is evidenced on the stunning tracks ‘The Man in the Mirror’, ‘Coffey Road’ and ‘The Bed You Lied In’. And while all songs are good, the tracks written by Doug, like the foot tapping opener ‘Good Place for Love’, or the great bar room refrain ‘Honky Tonk Shoes’, are certainly the pick of the bunch. A Good Place is highly recommended for those who like their music to be ‘pure country’ with great songs, great picking, and fantastic vocals.”

“Texas born Aussie based Doug Bruce is a multi-song contest winner whose resonant voice is two shots of Travis with a Haggard chaser. Even better, his lyrics ring memorably, with song titles and catch phrases - “I Know About Lonesome”, “What I’m Drinkin’ About” – that are pure classic country. Meanwhile, “Honky Tonk Shoes” is a formula frolic for dancers and proves the man can certainly entertain on all dimensions. No amateur hour here, Bruce and his band have years of road experience, resulting in pristine recordings that deserve attention. Lyrics: 8 Music: 8 Vocals: 8 Muscianship: 8 Production: 9 Overall: 8.2/10 ”

“They promised a lot for their shows at the Tamworth Country Music Festival this year and Doug Bruce & The Tailgaters delivered. So impressed by their live performances, Geoff Bell, CEO of Laing Entertainment, invited Doug and the band to join his artist roster (which includes James Blundell, The Sunny Cowgirls, Anne Kirkpatrick, Peter Denahy, Kirsty Lee Akers and Rob Black). “I had listened to Doug’s album and really liked it, but I wasn’t prepared for what I heard at the live shows in Tamworth, this is real country music and it’s played damn well.” Geoff said. “This is a real boost for us, and hopefully for our supporters across Australia”, Doug said. “We’re looking for this association to help us perform in front of a lot more people and across a greater region of the country…and we can’t wait!” ”

Press release "Doug Bruce & The Tailgaters join Laing Entertainment roster"

“Excerpts from A Good Place album review... Doug Bruce offers an interesting mixture, being a Texan living in Australia. His latest album, A Good Place shows that the combination can deliver some top quality contemporary Country. It sounds as if it has been put together in Nashville and many of the Australian musicians sound much like their more illustrious American counterparts. Doug has written several of the songs and delivers all the tracks with the assurance of any of the top stars....They are all in the typical Nashville style and the lyrics have those clever twists we have come to expect ... a singer who can deliver his songs in a range of styles with confidence and relaxation....The production is top quality, offering sounds that are both contemporary, yet at the same time feeling mainstream...”

“A GOOD PLACE - 2010 ALBUM REVIEW The Texas-born singer-songwriter, now a Bendigo resident with his Australian wife, has paid his dues. Starting out as a drummer and backing vocalist in bands around north Texas, Bruce moved to Nashville, gigging around town, including performances on the Grand Ole Opry and Midnight Jamboree. In the six years since the Lone Star-state native moved Down Under, he has honed his songwriting talents. He sidesteps the smoky barroom muse of the George Jones/ Porter Wagner whiskey-soaked, heartache kind, but otherwise stays true to country standards. Like George Strait, Bruce is something of a neo-traditionalist, with a catchy commercial sound, but never straying too far from his Texas honky-tonk and swing roots. File between: George Strait and Randy Travis Download: Close Enough ”

“Excerpts from A Good Place album review... "[Doug's] last album was described as “stone cold country” – three words guaranteed to pique my interest in any release. For A Good Place he has moved a little towards a contemporary sound, but never for a moment would you think it’s anything but country" ..."Honky Tonk Shoes is a split tempo good time tune of drinking too much, singing along to old country songs and “sleeping it off in the parking lot” that more than lives up to the promise of its title" ... "Doug Bruce seems to be doing quite well in Australia, and this CD is a cut above most indie releases. I am glad he’s taken a role at the front of the stage. It just goes to prove that you can take the boy out ofTexas but you can’t take Texas out of the boy" ..."Well worth checking out if you favour contemporary country with a traditional bent along the lines of Strait, Jackson, Paisley etc" Read the full review in Country People Magazine! ”

“A Good Place is the title of the new album for DOUG BRUCE, and it’s where you will find yourself after one listen to this excellent release. It also seems to be where this likeable Texas-born singer/songwriter is sitting musically at present. Doug now calls Bendigo in Victoria home and, with a fan-base that is growing around Australia, is making his mark in the Australian country music industry. Doug’s musical influences include MERLE HAGGARD, GEORGE JONES, VERN GOSDIN, DON WILLIAMS and WAYLON JENNINGS to name a few and this comes as no surprise as you take a very pleasant musical journey through A Good Place. Highlights include the upbeat Good Place For Love, The Bed You Lied In, the thought-provoking Don’t Let Me Stay Too Long and the brilliant new single Honky Tonk Shoes. If you’re in search of a fine country album, look no further, this one’s a very good place to start. ”

“FIRST OFFICIAL REVIEW FOR NEW ALBUM "A GOOD PLACE" "...In a few words, this is a knockout release. I mean, this father of two young sons can sing in a voice that bends and shapes to country familiarities; he plays, and, as the liner notes share, he writes. Rather than a fashioned hat and an oversized belt buckle, the image here is humble, honest, caring and melodic. It’s country. Pure. Simple. Unpretentious. And, it works. With an energetic lashing of steel, guitar, fiddle, piano and other country instrumentation, Bruce works easy across the album’s 13 tracks, for which he penned five. The album jumps straight for the chute with the snappy “Good Place for Love” .... read more at www.countrystarsonline.com/CSO/reviewarchives/2010/DougBruce_GP.htm ”

“Congratulations to Doug Bruce as his latest single Just Three Minutes has shot up to number four on the European Country Music Association Radio Chart”

“ALL I NEED Album review "Texan Doug Bruce fell in love with a good Aussie woman and Australia fell in love with the smooth, velvet tones of this die-hard country singer’s voice and music. His honest and powerful lyrics are obviously welcomed by Australia’s country music elite – he won Best Male Vocalist at this year’s Tamworth Independent Artist Recognition Awards for his song What I’m Drinkin’ About, and also Best Contemporary Song for powerful I Know About Lonesome. Clearly a fan of all that Aussie music has to offer, Bruce has embraced the toe-tapping Australian beats to complement his smoky, Deep South voice. Best of all, he has cottoned on to our dry sense of humour, making his songs a bit of fun as well. The title track reminds us all what’s important while the slower, more melodic I Know About Lonesome inspires courage and strength. But it’s My Wish Upon a Star that sends us right back to our childhood to sway along to memories"”

SARAH WARNE - Sunday Herald Sun

"If there is one thing I absolutely adore about country music, it's those smooth tex-mex smoky-barroom crooners. Give me a good GEORGE STRAIT song anyday. DOUG BRUCE started life in the Lone Star State of the USA and now, with an Aussie wife and young family, the Texan calls Australia home. His brand new CD All I Need is quite exceptional, as are his songwriting talents. His velvety tones really caress the music. First single, and title track All I Need is a chirpy track about the important things in life. What I'm Drinkin' About, I Just Fixed My Heart and Punch Drunk Love are real foot-tappers. I Know About Lonesome, Farther To Fall, That's All It Takes and Angel Fly show a simply awesome talent to wring emotion from words and music. A fabulous album, for me Doug Bruce now sits right beside my George Strait collection! Have a listen – you won't be disappointed!"

DEBORAH MINTER - Country Music Capital News

“Star Maker Grand Finalist AMBER JOY POULTON has finally released her much anticipated debut CD Taking Goodbye. Fellow country performer DOUG BRUCE has lent his skill as co-songwriter, musician and producer on this quality product. The songs are polished and sparkling.”