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Doug Briney / Press

“It's a "pretty big deal" in my song book as a hit single of 2015.”

“Briney’s weathered voice combined with the steel guitar makes for a great combination. (Pretty Big Deal) is a solid country song for the everyday man performed by the everyday man.”

“(Pretty Big Deal)' is a great one about the love of family and working hard for a living. Another great song from Doug Briney.”

“Doug Briney delights on "Pretty Big Deal." 4.5 out of 5 stars!”

“Doug’s voice is rich and strong and diverse, demonstrating both range and dynamics. Showcasing Doug’s voice and songwriting with masterful music production and orchestration, Super Country Cowboy has all the potential in the world to have multiple hits on country charts.”

““Super Country Cowboy” is real. The fire with which Doug Briney delivers these songs is palpable.. every song on this album is so touching, powerful and just downright good! I can’t think of many Country-Gospel albums by any number of artists, for that matter, that can exceed this one in lyrical and instrumental beauty. It stands up, by comparison, to anything that I have ever heard in this genre.”

““Super Country Cowboy” is a pure and heartfelt tribute to the Americana / Western music and lifestyle, with powerful hooks catchy harmonies and simple lyrics that can go straight to the heart of the listeners.”

“With its methodic marching tempo, driving percussion and wonderfully weeping fiddles, the song offers an emotive plea... With his rich baritone voice, the song ("Unknown Soldier") comes off as more testament than lament—and a true calling to his talent and the ultimate strength of our nation.”

Chuck Taylor - Former Sr. Editor, Billboard Magazine

“For country fans this is a no brainer, for others, you’ll find something to love if you give it a chance. I love the lyrics, the story telling and music structure on this strong release from Briney. “Super Country Cowboy” is beyond the genre, it’s something that touches the soul and that’s hard to do. I love it.”

“The record (Super Country Cowboy) bleeds America and true blue cowboy attitude.”

“This latest album by Briney is an extremely bright, cheerful, at times powerful staple that captures the pure essence of Classic Americana/Country at its best.”

“The new album by Doug Briney entitled “Super Country Cowboy” is a non-stop homage to “real” music. What you see is what you get with Briney and it’s a big win!”

“it’s a must have and in the class of all by itself (Super Country Cowboy)”

“I honestly cant think of a better time than now to unleash the kind of classic style of country...This latest 9 song CD Super Country Cowboy is outfitted with a distinctly familiar Modern Country flair with a bit of Bible Belt Gospel thrown in. All in all it takes no prisoners. Doug Briney has given us 9 hot new tracks to chew on...We can only hope that there is much more where this came from.”

““Super Country Cowboy” by Doug Briney will affirm your faith in good Country again. He represents all that is good in music and his latest CD delivers a highly passionate, instinctually stimulating catalog of music via rock solid musicianship, entertaining songs and music that covers all the bases.”

“He’s for real folks! ...(Doug's) emotional vocal style is the main ingredient here that makes it all shine like a priceless diamond. It sucked me in like a powerful drug refusing to let go long after it was over.”

“Super Country Cowboy is a delightful release with many feel good grooves with amazing highs and some powerful lows. Briney shares a fresh glimpse at an amazing artist and takes us back a few years – before everything started sounding like – well like everything else.”

“I was blown away by what Briney has to offer...With just the right mix of sweetness and grit, the music is packed with the lowdown, rootsy soul that will make you groove and smile.”

““Super Country Cowboy” by Nashville based artist Doug Briney is sure to one day be remembered as one of the classic good timing Americana CD’s of recent time. Its pure rocking Americana-Country magic the way it used to be...”

“From start to finish Super Country Cowboy by Doug Briney is a barnburner collection of music. Doug Briney brings the mojo and is clearly a marquee talent”

“When you take a listen to his second studio set, the appropriately-titled Super Country Cowboy, you can observe his uniqe perspective on contemporary country sounds (like album opener and title track), while maintaining his tight grasp on tradition.”

“Briney captivates, leaving us with heavy hearts and the reminder of our serving, and long lost hero, who's bravely fought for our land. Words so strongly moving, touching to the core, makes "Unknown Soldier" America's anthem. 5 Stars.”

“Independent Country Music sensation, Doug Briney is at it again with a heartfelt tune (Unknown Soldier) that will leave you begging for more.”

Scott Sexton - Today's Country Magazine

“His baritone vocals are rich and courageous on this ballad. ("Unknown Soldier") is a fitting commemoration for our heroes, and traditional country music to the core. This ranks as my personal favorite tune of his to date. It garners an A rating. Bravo Doug.”

“Beautiful production, vocals and instrumentation. ("Unknown Soldier" is an) Amazing piece just in time for the Memorial Day weekend. Sophisticated artists like Doug should be mimicked. His ability to turn a mere single into an anthem is honorable.”

“Briney’s inimitable vocals come through in a smooth and honeyed fashion. The production of tracks on Briney’s latest makes it easy for listeners to immediately fall in love with the disc. Super Country Cowboy is an album that touches upon a considerable number of distinct country genres, succeeding because Briney has put his heart and soul into each song here. 8.6/10”

“I not only love Doug’s music I love what he stands for in life as well.”

“As a patriotic American and as a father of a soldier who serves in the U.S. Air Force, he can obviously not fail to make the album closing track "Unknown Soldier". Nationalist anthem Doug Briney proves with this second album that he is a capable country singer and songwriter is a handsome and so probably here to stay in this music genre.”

Freddy Celis - Roots Time (Belgium)

“This is a great, fun tune about being country and living life to its fullest. The music has a great sound. Although this is a bit different than his prior singles, it is great all the same. One thing that is funny, Doug has always marched to beat of his own drum and it works for him well. Be sure to check "Super Country Cowboy" out. You won't regret it.”

Scott Sexton - Today's Country Magazine

“If you like the music of George Jones, Merle Haggard or Buck Owens this is for you. The opening title track is perhaps the heart and soul of Doug Briney, where he lays it out as to who he is and how he likes his music. 7/10”

“Overall, if you like indie country music you should check out Doug Briney’s Super Country Cowboy. After a couple of listens you just might “Believe” that it’s a “Pretty Big Deal”.”

“Doug Briney's new single (Super Country Cowboy) garners 4 out of 5 stars. It is a bold effort that is certain to please fans of traditional country music. Well done Doug.”

“Being from Indiana, I can appreciate good country music. That is exactly what this is. Doug has a great voice, can really jam on a guitar, and just looks like a man that has a few stories up his sleeve.”

“Opening with the title cut, "Super Country Cowboy," Doug conveys each song with heartfelt honesty. All in all, this production should garner some attention for Doug Briney. 5 out of 7 stars.”

““Super Country Cowboy” is an upbeat, fun song—great song Doug!”

"Super Country Cowboy," is a 9 song album that will leave you speechless at times, teary-eyed at others and will rock you with his radio friendly sound

"Super Country Cowboy" gives Briney edge and appeal without steering away from his traditional roots. Doug's most powerful version of Ronnie Dunn's "Believe" digs deep: you feel his sense of conviction and passion pouring through his veins. Briney's deep baritone has a gravel that sucks you in. The most powerful of these nine songs "Unknown Solider" reminds us of our unsung heroes, who live their life on the line for us. Super Country Cowboy is the next step up for Doug Briney. B+

“Guaranteed to make you and your friends break into a line dance. Superb vocals, instrumentation and production. "Super Country Cowboy" is most definitely 'a new branch on the family tree!' Great new single that's going to be played at every southern family gathering or reunion. Everything about this artist embodies our #360WatchList - innovation, pure talent and extreme marketability.”

“("Super Country Cowboy") is a cool country song. It’s an incredibly unique song that doesn’t really have a peer in the music world today. Doug Briney has been building a strong career for himself. I’m sure this song will only continue to get him to where he wants to go.”

“The song blends the contemporary sounds dominating country radio right now with the definitive sounds of country music. The verses of the song encompass the country rocker sound with hard driving guitars and drums. However, when the chorus hits, the music turns classic country. If you want to “get up out of your seat,” check out “Super Country Cowboy.””

“Doug Briney is an award winning gentle soul. A hybrid of country, soul and folk. Top notch vocals, production and instrumentation. Lyrical content is a reflection of the modern day cowboy living in a contemporary world. Fresh and fun loving music that will eventually land on the country charts. His immense talent and marketability has landed him a spot on our #360WatchList.”

“His ability to blend the sounds of traditional country music with today's popular country is showcased on his new album entitled Super Country Cowboy. And in listening to the lyrics, there is no denying that Doug Briney is a cowboy at heart as he sings about love of God, family, and his country.”

“Doug has established himself as a major contender in the Indie Country Music Industry with his great storytelling of life’s lessons in his music.”

“after listening to Doug Briney, I am thoroughly impressed by his passion for country music. He sings from the heart and that is something I admire most in an artist. Doug’s first full CD titled, “It’s all Country,” is a great CD with that good old country feel.”

“Doug's music always comes from the heart and you know with every word, he truly puts his soul into it.”

“Doug Briney is definitely as country as they come. You can hear it in his songs and voice, the way he relates to the music and fans just the way a country heart does. His latest single “More Than Just a Farm” puts that country heart on display”

Shannon Miller - Country Music Notes

“If you're into the likes of positive country such as Josh Turner and Chris Young then your in for a real treat...Briney has a true gift.”

Shellie Palmer - Country Music City Promotions

“While his music is classified more as Positive Country then Christian, Briney puts his faith front and center in both his life and music. The poignant track, “More Than Just a Farm to Me,” is a real heartfelt number. Doug Briney uses the music found on his, ‘It’s All Country,’ release to showcase his musical talents,”

“This is an album I thoroughly enjoyed, and I look forward to hearing much more of Doug in the future. The rousing opener “More Than Just A Farm” is deservedly attracting much attention in the American country music scene. Not only is it a catchy number, but it’s full of meaning and very attractive to country music fans.”

“Briney does a great version of Chris Young’s “The Man I Want To Be.” He has a deep, soulful voice that lends itself well to the melody of this chart topper. Briney seems to like songs about life and things that are most important... The musical track is wonderful, as well. Long live Country music!”

“(Doug's Bio) promoted him as “Alaskan Country Artist.” That, of itself, is pretty unusual. After all, there hasn’t been a Country artist to make it from that state. There is a first time for everything! I liked his emotional delivery on “More Than Just A Farm,” which was a pleasant listening experience.”

“Doug Briney has managed to wrap his vocals around a new track called "More Than Just A Farm." Doug takes the headlines from every newspaper and twists them into a story that is hitting folks everywhere. The instrumental arrangements are superb on this single, and over all it is a solid tune that deserves to be listened to.”

"Doug is passionate in his vocal delivery!"

Brenda L. Madden - Country Entertainment USA

“What a great song! (Doug is) off to a great start with 'More Than Just a Farm.'”

“(Doug's) riveting cover of “Bleed Red” by THE tenor of country music – namely Ronnie Dunn – is sung with complete conviction, giving me chill bumps. Arguably, Briney gives Dunn a run for his dollar here.”

“BRILLIANT! Doug Briney is going right to the TOP!”

Tedster - The Source 96.1 FM

"(More Than Just a Farm) showcases the rich and strong traditional country music vocals and sound that make Briney stand out in a time in which the industry is playing pop and rock influenced country music. It’s a song that needs to be on country music radio stations everywhere." 5 out of 5 stars

“Doug Briney is going places!”

Dixie McCorkell - Triplestrand Promotions

“Good stuff. Nice voice.The music is spot on with the country sound that we love...It's my pleasure to add him to our family of artists."”

Dixie Jay - Real Kentucky Radio

“Country artist Doug Briney has hired MTS Management to handle publicity for his March 9th debut CD release, It’s All Country. Briney, a two-time finalist in the KBear Alaskan Country Idol, will release his debut single, “More Than Just a Farm” through Triplestrand promotions.”

"More Than Just a Farm" is a GREAT, heartfelt track!"

Julie - CFBU 103.7 FM, Ontario CANADA