Doubles / Press

“Doubles, one of the most inspiring emcees around.”

"Doubles, 32 years old has been in the game for over 15 years now he started out on soundclick.com made his way to myspace.com now he's all over the net. He has 2 Released Mixtapes (Rehabilitated, Still Operatin) and 1 he's currently working on Obstacle Illusion. Doubles has always believed in trying to reach out to the youth and that's how he teaches through his music. He believes anything you feel putting it on paper and letting your mind do the talking helps in every aspect. In 2007 he created a song called The Heart Is A Terrible Thing To Waste produces by Destry Music Audem Records. At that time the war and the world we all lived in was in terrible shape and he made the video of it too express frustrations"

Audem Records

"Enjoyed the video - very entertaining and a good message. Great job!"

tdwelch producer/manager

"You have started something BIG. This production is filled with inspiration without becoming too religious. The truth is this world is in a sad situation and the hope you bring about the "heart" should be in everyones soul...Well done"

airolg listener on youtube