Double or Nothing / Press

“Double Or Nothing is a band I can listen to all day and not get tired of. With musical uniqueness being able to blend through sincere acoustic melodies with the occasional drum beat being intertwined make it addicting. Don’t even get me started on the vocals. This guy has a set of pipes on him. It is soft, emotional, and he can hit a wide range of notes which make him unstoppable behind that microphone. If you’re feeling like you want to relax and get away from your typical screaming in your face genre, then check out Double Or Nothing. They have done nothing but blow me away and I assure you that it will do the same to you as well. Listen. Love. Support the Unsung Heroes!”

“Bands such as Double or Nothing are hidden gems among our oversaturated scene of today. Upon listening to the album Silhouettes Fade I immediately fell in love. From start to finish it’s one amazing musical journey that will leave you wanting to listen to it for eternity. If I could listen to one album for the rest of my life, Silhouettes Fade will be a top contender. Each time listening, I find a new lyric or a new musical piece that causes me to fall deeper in love with Double or Nothing. This is one album that everyone should listen at least once, just like a required reading book for school. Because of Double or Nothing, my faith in the growing music scene has been restored. You don’t want to sleep on this album by any means, go listen now!”

“The Salt Rock coffee shop on 12th St. hosts the local, up-and-coming band Double or Nothing this Saturday at 6 p.m. to celebrate the launch of their first full-length album, Silhouettes Fade.”

“Double or Nothing hopes to add a dynamic sound at this years "Show Layton Your talent" competition.”

“Double or Nothing Kicks off Homecoming Party!”