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"Hey Joey! Uncle John and I just checked out your website. I didn't know you had one until I checked out your fb page. You are doing an awesome job at EVERY ASPECT in your rapping! I listened to your song "Bobby". Geeze Louise! LOL You made me cry! Your writing is great and very expressive! We both felt ya in that song! Keep doing what you're doing cuz you're doing it right! Let us know the next time you're performing. We're psyched about coming to see you. Uncle John said that he didn't know you were that good. LOL Keep in touch and again let us know about the next time you perform." -Uncle John and Lyn

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“Daniel C. Layow: Come check out my boy Double J, he's an up and coming artist straight outta Syracuse. His long-awaited debut-album is set to be released within the next few weeks, so in the meantime, check out his hot new singles and wet your pallete for the lyrical feast that will be here to assault your eardrums and blow your mind. Double-J is a true artist, and he writes all of his own songs. Come and have a listen and I know that you won't be disappointed!”