Dos Gatos / Press

“Very Cool Article on Recording, on Music, on Teamwork, on Love and the intended Balance of it All. In the chaos and craziness of the World, we Can Come Together. Hope is a Powerful Tool. Dos Gatos Loves You”


“Awesome Sauce. Dos Gatos David Worthington and his poetry/writing skills featured in the LA Times (Huge Circulation). Humbled. Thanks yall.”

“SoCal cyclist David Worthington, half the team of the musical group Dos Gatos, announced the release of the band’s first CD. Local support has pushed them to #3 on the indie Reverbnation charts! Give them a listen and add your voice to those of other listeners. Cycling in the South Bay is pleased to report that neither David nor Eric is delusional, and neither would quit his day job if he had one. And what music release would be complete without a promo video by lokalmotors Charon Smith and Kayle Leogrande?”

“Our Radio Premiere on terrestrial Radio FM KX93.5. Chatted up the new Dos Gatos Record and DJ Johnny Laguan spun two tracks: "I'll Find You", and "Hope". Cross promo with DPGP bike Race! Fun!”

“Bike racer turned musician? Yup, the Hawk himself used to race bikes religiously throughout California, Texas and more! But retirement from that scene allows time for a new love! Dos Gatos, David Worthington and Eric Depperschmidt, is primarily a song writing duo. David writes 80% of the lyrics, Eric writes 80% of music and arranges the songs. Dos Gatos has utilized the skill of a wide variety excellent musicians as well as their own musical skills to create their first ever CD (due mid April 2014). Yes, stay tuned for their new release, "I'll Find You." The pair met as classmates in Clear Lake, TX in 1978 and have remained great friends since then. Their mutual love of music led to regular jam sessions that progressed into serious song writing sessions. Over the years, the duo has written over 50 songs, 12 of which they selected for inclusion on the new CD. The name Dos Gatos came about during a wild tequila-fueled weekend in Tijuana, Mexico and really exemplifies what this song writ”