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“Roots Music Report - Weekly Chart rootsmusicreport.com Moving on up my friend, Congrats Dorothy S Guunn”

Blues radio - Joe Cupp

“When the year 2313 comes around your song will still be heard by millions. It's such a great song! I bet you win an award for this masterpiece. God chose you.”

Richard Shames - By a fan

“Congratulations to Dorothy S Guinn for making the Roots Blues chart. Good deal!”

Sandy Carroll - By Sandy Carroll, Betsy Blue Studios

“Requests keep coming in for your song kudos to you !”

“ Irene Stoeckl Wow! You are amazing! We are currently searching for the Global Rockstar Song 2012 on our platform http://www.global-rockstar.com where participants can win band packages worth 10 000 USD and get featured on the next Global Rockstar album. Maybe you would like to submit some of your videos of your original Songs on the platform to participate. It is really easy: just upload a YouTube link on global-rockstar. Vocalist in Vienna, Austria 7 months ago”

Irene Stoeckl - Global Rockstar

“Not many artists can play the blues and make it sound effortless. Dorothy S. Guinn of Savannah Shoals is one of them. I would love to hear her jam out with Bonnie Raitt, and she probably has -- check out her bio on Reverbnation, and be amazed. "My Line Is Open" is a classic, as is "Turn Around," an ode to desperate, tragic love. @Tnblueschick”

TIW Music

“A most pleasant musical surprise found right here. The listener is won over very quickly. Excellent. Richard”

Richard D Ruttenberg - Reverbnation, Hollywood film scorer

“I just want to thank you for being a part of me & Mickey's Muscle Shoals Songwriters Showcase & going on to be a great representative of our heritage. Merry Christmas!”

Jerry McGee - Micky Buckins and Jerry McGee's Songwriters Showcase

"I like Dorothy's original music, it is REAL music."

Donnie Fritts - Donnie Fritts

“Ken Seymour, Dorothy, you have a subtle delivery that penetrates .......lyrical stands out front, as it should with a vocal tune. Love your arrangement, hook is woven through the song with a professionalism, I love the songs haunting delivery.......you get 4 stars from me....Well Done!!”

Ken Seymour - Singer/songwriter Green Room

“ EVERYBODY!! Check out @tnblueschick !! A great sound from Memphis!! Here's the Reverbnation link! reverbnation.com/dorothysguinn GO THERE NOW ”

Music First @ MusicM1First - Music First @ MusicM1First

“ SupKickAssMusic I recommend checking out the blues/rock music from singer/songwriter/guitarist Dorothy S Guinn @Tnblueschick !!! ~~> dorothyguinn.com 10:15 AM - 15 Nov 12”

“Just want to say that we at rockindocradio love your music. A independent artist promoter heard it and is interested in promoting you.”

“2500 streams have been considered in this years pick. Dorothy Guinn is our selected artist for the year of 2013. We have selected her to be the most promising songwriter for the upcoming year based on her live and recorded streams. Her Heart's In Waiting has captured fans internationally with her soulful voice and thought evolking lyrics, Best wishes to Dorothy Guinn and watch with Watchfuleye as she climbs the songwriting ladder. Dorothy's songs can be found on itunes, amazon, and internet radio including Radio Memphis. ”

“Dorothy Guinn is an independent musician, Her Heart's in Waiting that has gained international attention is on most internet stores.”

“Dorothy is yet another HossTheBoss.com pick from Memphis. (No word yet on whether she is acquainted with Nancy Apple, Barbara Blue, Bryan Hayes and some of the other cool Memphis peeps that we’ve had on the show over the years, but I’m betting she is. ) Dorothy has been doin’ the singin’ and songwritin’ thing around Memphis for quite some time, and now she’s finally got herself a full-fledge “blues and more” band together that is seekin’ gigs. So, check her out airplaydirect.com/music/dorothysguinn/ and www.tunecore.com/music/dorothyguinn-blueschick1 and vote for her powerful little ole’ song in this month’s contest, dang it! ”