Doria Roberts / Press

"Her live album is a captivating canvas of intensely emotional songs anchored by a solemn but confident guitar and fueled by Roberts fiery vocal delivery and heart wrenching lyrics."

Weekly Planet (Sarasota/Tampa)

"No ordinary folkie, Roberts street wise sass and skilled but unpretentious guitar prowess immediately puts her step above the rest".

Creative Loafing - Charlotte, NC

"To see Doria Roberts on stage is to love her. The lady has chops and her live show, a spicy blend of passion, bohemian folk and jazz, will make you feel like you've been ridden hard and put away wet. She's angry, she's black, she's beautiful, she's smart, she swears a lot, she's sexy as hell, she plays guitar, she's intense, and she's a killer lyricist."

Hippo Press

"Atlanta should be proud--she is a woman of means. There is no questions that these song represent an important music statement."

Southeast Performer

"Doria Roberts is a rare treat in an industry that so infrequently produces anything of real weight. Her lush, tightly woven songs communicate and breathe instead of resorting to the heavy handed proselytizing of some sociopolitical music. This is music that gets under you skin and that's a good thing."

Houston Voice

"Incendiary + literate folk and soul from one of Atlanta's busiest and brightest artists. While also internationally known as an activist and educator, Roberts' finest work is her intimate yet communal rapport with--and command of--an audience."

Creative Loafing

"Atlanta's only singer, songwriter + bodega owner"

"Local before 'Local' was cool"