Doomsday Groove / Press

“Hey boys was creepin on Sin's wall the other day and saw your name, jumped onto youtbe and slid some Doomsday Groove in my sound holes. Crunchy, Chunky, Grindy Goodness!!! Love it! Awsome sound and ya dont take yourself to serious. You guys rock man, look foward to hearing more.”

Gary Cunningham - Alberta, Canada

“Dear Doomsday Groove, Thanks for coming over ready to slay some intruders...that's pretty fuckin metal! .\m/”

Raven - Local Babe

“Listening to Doomsday Groove's demo cd. I hope these guys make it, everyone should here this!”

Hanna - Local Babe

“Wow, Awesome! These guys kill it!”

Pete Burns - The Razor 94.7