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“1. Where did your name "Donteze" come from? I received the name from my older cousin when I was around second or third grade. I was named that during the Snoop language era so instead of saying my name as "Dante" he began calling me "Dontezzey". From there I just molded the name to Donteze and stuck with it ever since. 2. Talk to us about your latest release, the TWxD EP, what does it mean? The TWxD EP is different. It's weird because in this mixtape I strayed away from always preaching a positive message in songs to more less just making party tracks and having a good time. It all makes sense though since the title means "The Weekend X Donteze" meaning that this is going to represent those weekends where you wake up and can't remember how you went to sleep. Also to add to the title, all the tracks except for the two bonus tracks all use samples from "The Weekend's" music. 3. What song off the EP means the most to you? Ahh, such a hard decision but my personally favorite ...”

“Check out Donteze's latest video from his project "Martin Little" available on bandcamp here”

“This is a new video from Donteze titled Things That Might Be. I like the video it will keep your attention. You can check out Martin Little Donteze’s digital EP and see what you think.”

“Donteze released a new visual for his track “Things That Might Be” off of his mixtape Martin Little. The video follows Donteze as he gets ready for a performance later that night and includes the few “bumps in the road” that he had to go through before hitting the stage. Shoutout to 89 the Brainchild and Fat Boy from Strangers with Hip Hop, which you catch a glimpse of in the beginning of the video.”

“NJ's own Donteze hit me with his new video. The kid shows Dub Vee love...let's do the same!”

“Donteze has released the first video - Oprah - taken from the latest mixtape Martin Little.”

“Donteze embodies the power of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X’s voice being exerted through the lyrics of Donteze. Music produced by Sango, Dj Coutz, and K-real. Be sure to give it a good listen… this is tight!”

“Hailing from New Jeresey, Donteze blows through like a cool summer breeze with his 13 track offering of what I call "good soul food". Hosted by DJ Coutz, take a listen below and enjoy hip-hop. ”

“Donteze just hit us up today that we finished listening to and we are impressed with what we have heard so far. This mixtape embodies the power of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X’s voice being exerted through the lyrics of Donteze. Music produced by Sango, Dj Coutz, and K-real. Be sure to give it a good listen and leave some feedback to our other readers.”

“New Jersey stand up! GSR is a group of local New Jersey “spittas” based in Piscataway. The group consists of Donteze, Bill Jones, N ril and Blacksmith. Check um out.”

“Donteze hit me up with this link to his new mixtape. It's hosted by DJ Coutz...NJ x WV in the house on this one.”

“Introducing the kid in the class you didn’t expect to be a rapper, Donteze. It’s funny cause this cat is actually in my History Class. His laid back demeanor opposes the music he produces. Donteze drops his third and probably most controversial mixtape “Martin Little.” “Martin Little” samples excerpts from two of the most influential black figures in our century Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. Sampling such powerful figures is risky, but the samples compliment his music without diluting his message. Donteze uses repetition, alliteration and imagery to add a poetic feeling to his lyrics. Donteze’s courageous efforts will not go unnoticed. “Show You” is the track he released as a preview to his mixtape. Listen and enjoy!”

“As a freshman student at Kean University, Union NJ Donteze is climbing new heights. Recently releasing a new mixtape entitled “The Opposite”, he is expanding his network, and creating new ways to capitalize on his passion for making good music”