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“LeToile Magazine DON’T @ Hexagon Bar 2600 27th Avenue S Minneapolis Don’t are a surf-tinged punk group from Portland featuring members of Napalm Beach and the Wipers and fantastic singer Jenny Don’t, whose voice has the same throaty, dark quality as a young, hungry Siouxie Sioux. The group are touring around a forthcoming full-length, and if their songwriting is as strong across the album as on the few preview tracks on their website, it should be a hell of a show. Plus: I love hearing the olds rock this god-damn hard. -Jon Hunt”

John Hunt - LeToile Magazine

“Why does it sound like they've been doing this together for years? The sum of this band's parts is substantial, and they deliver the goods. Avengers-ish? 45 Grave-y? The vox by Jenny Don't pull the listener in, and the band, with Sam Henry on the throne, keep the listener in the back pocket. Dave Minick on bass & Dan Lowinger on guitar ace the stringwork. I even hear some Fred Cole-esque sounds in the guitars on track 1, "Too Young." The songs are dark, occasionally gothy, always well-put-together monsters, and hearing "Window Shop For Love" performed with the song's original drummer, and filled out with this band's huge chops and captivating vox is a revelation. It might say more that their originals beat "WSFL" in a cage match, though. Great songs, great playing, great nice guys & gurl... and yet another reason Portland is a zillion times cooler than it lets on in public.”

Jeffrey Larson - Facebook review