Don Stone / Press

"Cloned" - I definitely agree this should be in a movie... I envision this in a movie trailer with crazy explosions & intense action scenes with this playing over top with no other sound from the actual video clips... The kicks and synths are sick but I love the harp

Toby Valora - Soundcloud

“Pump That - "Very nice progression and build up from the first kick. I will definitely be playing this out even though I'm not a huge fan of vocals in general. They are used well in this track, and the track would work well without the vocal. Thanks for including an instrumental version."”

“Don Stone - Unbound ""All in all great EP" - 5.0 / 5 "”

“Don Stone - Unbound "The Original is perfect for the build-up time during a warm-up set, best of the bunch in this release."”

“‘Don Stone delivers what can only be described as wedded bliss of tough in your face drum work and techalicious elements in Get Downtown.'”