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“Okay...ya'll have to check this out!! Don Schink, a wonderful singer, song writer, and musician!! Love the cover photo!! (GRIN) He is also featured on our movies for the AFI Film Fest!! "God Bless America Again" Nice going Don!! We love you!! https://soundcloud.com/don-schink”

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“Don Schink looked in the mirror a few years ago and exclaimed, "Good Lord, who's that? There's an old guy where a kid used to be! Oh Lord, what has happened to me?" Then he sat down with his guitar and began composing a song. The result was "Reflections," one of the tracks on his first CD, "Clean Country," released in November 2011. His new CD, "Connections," came out just this past weekend to quite a bit of fanfare. And plans are already under way for a third CD, tentatively called "Keeping It Clean in the Country," to be recorded in Nashville this spring. If you don't already know or haven't already guessed, Schink is a country, Christian-country, and country-gospel singer. As mentioned, he is also a songwriter and guitarist. He lives on a forested road in the mountains about 15 miles south of Tijeras. But his life has truly taken a long and winding road to get him to those two acres, just north of Escobosa. Originally from Odessa in the picturesque Finger Lakes region of Upstate New”

“Josie Passantino "It was my honor getting to chat with a great artist such as yourself. Thank you so much for coming on the show :) & have a great performance. Do your thang!!!!"”

“Don Schink, a native of Schuyler County, NY, residing in Tijeras, New Mexico, is a musician, singer, songwriter, who has had some unusually significant opportunities lately, including performing at the Grand Ole Opry and the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee. His new band, "Clean Country," performs country and gospel music, in New Mexico weekly. He describes himself as more of a singer/songwriter rather than a performer. He states that he “has no grand delusions of greatness” and that he simply loves music and the privilege of sharing it in various ways. However, he has begun compiling music for an upcoming CD due to fan requests, which should be available sometime this fall. Rev. Schink, an ordained minister, pastored the Watkins Glen Church of the Nazarene from 1983 to 1987. He has also pastored churches in Oregon, New Mexico, Illinois and Maine. Now, officially retired from ministry, he jokingly says, "You never really retire from ministry. They just quit paying you.”

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