Donovan Johnson / Press

"It's almost as if Donovan is just a part of the piano, as though it's an extension of him."

Sherrine Fossler - Simply Music

"It is apparent Donovan loves playing the piano as it definitely shows up in his excellent compositions."

Dave Smith - Houston Piano Company

"I have been enjoying your music this morning and also listening to Enlightened Piano Radio. I am in Piano heaven in this moment. Thank you once more for sharing your gifts with me and this beautiful world. Wishing you and your dearest ones a most blissful and inspiring weekend. Love, Light and Joy to you. ~ Most Graciously Yours, Maricet"

Maricet Delaney - EPR Listener

"Donovan Johnson's Enlightened Piano Radio sparkles, like morning light on still water. It's a radio treasure and a must listen for those who seek a sense of spiritual peace, who wish to return to the harbors of their drifting souls. That's because the piano, as beautifully played by the artists featured on EPR, is like no other musical instrument: it can be the sound of starlight or emote the memory of an agonizing lost love; it can project the promise of a thousand gorgeous tomorrows to come. The solo piano offers those deep and lasting connections to ourselves. At its best, it opens internal passageways, left vacant and dusty by the tangles and diversions of an anxious life. It takes us up there and sometimes far beyond, like rides in the sky. Enlightened Piano Radio gives us the sweet gift of passage. So have a listen. Likely you'll be found, and moved."

"I love finding artists who have something a little different to say through the medium of music, and Donovan is just such an artist."

"Donovan, your music is nothing short of miraculous."

Riki Frahmann, Indigo Souls Unite