Donnie McFly / Press

“What's the Gurrgulationz family unit!!!! Ok, if ur not hip to discoloration of fake game then maybe you live under a rock and missed one of my comrades in rhyme Donnie McFly aka the artist formerly referred to as Wreck D. Mic!!!! His fresh fly flick for "Kool-Aid" is already boppin down at over 30,000 views over 120 likes type shit.....DIGGUMZ!!!! This is the first single off of his upcoming album 3-D which is gonna be meteor shower type dangerous on these hoes, my brother!!!! Witness the ultimate high naw my G, witness the ultimate Fly!!!! Double Diggumz on a lame brain!!!! Check the Technology wid no remorse lol!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahahaahaha!!!!!) ”