1-The Donnie Martin Project / Press

“Hi Donnie! Cool music, nice , great voice :D congratulations!!! you are veryyyyy coool :D ”


“2ones: Like the new song alot Donnie”


“Pace Ride: Amazing sound and tracks!!Can’t help but coming back for more!”

Pace Ride - private



“Thanks Donnie! I really appreciate your feed-back. I reached out to several artists here, and pretty much all have had the same opinion as you. And I just noticed your in Asheville...the reason I first picked up a guitar 15 years ago was because of a Folk artist in Black Mountain, David Lamotte...that entire area up there has so much musical talent (as apparent by your work) it is unbelievable. Again, thanks for the feed back..your tunes are very cool, I wish you much success! ”

another Tate artist

“?Donnie, I really enjoyed the show!! I started crying as soon as you started singing!! We played your cd at my VBS class when we played musical chairs and the youth loved it!! God is truly blessing you and keep using your voice to glorify his name!! Samantha Johnson”

Samantha Johnson

“You are really good at what you do my friend so keep doing it and let me know when you go for soundtrack;)) Its great fun!! " Day By Day " is one of my favourites.. I love this song. Superb vocals so moving and the Lyrics oh my god!! You are good at what you do so enjoy and we will to;) Kind Regards Your big fan Denis;)) ”

great compliment

" On and On " Is a wonderful song and musically stunning!! Great vocals and lyrics...Thank you and god bless you and your work...Really imprest;))

Compliment from the UK