Donner Social / Press

"Donner Social’s major strong suit is their vocal production. Their voices are distorted, Auto-tuned and vocoded until they sound like another keyboard. At times, the thick processing obscures the lyrics, but that’s okay, the ambiance is the important thing... The angular, off-kilter beats on “There Will Come Soft Rains” reference the more experimental reaches of electronica inhabited by Aphex Twin and Autechre."

“The importance of the vocals is what Donner Social say differentiates their music from a lot of other electronic music. “In other electronic music when you hear the vocals it’s like they are sampled in,” says Josh. “Given my musical theater background,” adds Elanna, “everything that I write vocal-wise is very melodic. And the way that I write word-wise always tells a story. I firmly believe in art that tells stories.” Even their purely instrumental pieces aim to strike a sense of story. “A song has to bring me to a certain place that I really feel.””

“When asked to describe their album ‘In Suspended Animation’, both Josh and Elanna had so much to say about their music that it was tough to put it all in one sentence. Yet, the emergence of a more philosophical side to the duo was prevalent. “I think that imagination has a lot to do with it” says Elanna, “and I think that getting lost in ordinary places and regard nothing as ordinary has something to do with it… I can’t put that in one cohesive sentence!” Josh continued “we focus on so many different things, but I’d say finding something wonderful in just a regular place, being able to see something a little more beautiful than what’s on the surface.””