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“On 'Kindness I Mainly Recall': 'Gorgeous! Sounds like it could have been written few hundred years ago and performed in the salons of European aristocracy!...Complex and soulful...Deep and full of endless strokes on a canvas of real love. Beautiful...Just beautiful. Has a classical/madrigal feel to it.'”

SongRamp - Various

“On 'Old Enough to Kill A Man': 'This is an incredible piece of work'...'A masterpiece! I was captivated by the powerful performance and riveting lyrics. Excellent composition and production'...'This incredibly powerful song has moved me to tears'.”

SongRamp - Various

“On 'Angels in Snow': This is amazing. Most impressive, and the way this can connect to others is awesome!!! Very impressive production and lyric.'”

Brad Miller - SongRamp

“On 'A Green Leaf in Its Hand': 'This is just extraordinary. Kudos to all involved. Simply amazing. Strong production, great story. WOW!'”

TwH - SongRamp

“On 'Safe from Glass': A masterpiece! Tori Amos couldn't do it better!...Wow, that was beautiful...Beautiful voice, poignant lyrics...Powerful...This is truly gorgeous. The mid range of the solo string viola weeps like Loreena McEnnit and Vanessa Mae...Dark, sad, and quite beautiful. Amazing lyrics...What a classic track. Amazing work...The poetry is sublime...My heart is breaking, reading those lyrics.”

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“On 'Aiko-san and the Bamboo Blind': A wonderful lyric. Sublime vocal laid over a stunning backdrop. I felt quite breathless. Move over, Andrew Lloyed Webber and let the real talent have a go...Just wonderful! I have goosebumps!...One of the best songs I've ever heard here...Awesome!...Lovely, lush cinematic production, and a melody that sticks! Great work & excellent collab...Donna, your song is beautiful, one of the best I've heard...Gorgeous theatrical piece...Superb lyrics...Just incredible. Epic song and performances.”

Assorted - iCompositions

“'Raven' is brilliant, Donna...Absolutely lovely. Excellent word painting...Love the subliminal story and its connection to the Norse pantheon. You have a secret bard within you...Love the whole concept. Just wonderful...Lovely execution of an idea. Really well produced...Superb song, with delightful lyrics...Fabulous...Such intelligent, inspiring lyrics...Excellent storyteller vibe.”

Assorted - iCompositions

“On 'Into the Light' video: I love this! Great lyrics with a 'Rush' sound...Still loving this song so much...One of the best songs I have ever heard...The lyrics are awesome...I love this song. Great collab...Beyond awesome...Awesome song, lyrics, and performance...I hear the verse lines & the chorus in my head all day.”

Various - YouTube

“On "Old Enough to Kill A Man" (video): Beautiful song Donna, what can I say, your lyrics are so moving. You have me crying here from this. What a song, that Billy is incredible. So moving... Oh man, that David Gilmour style solo is really doing it for me...what a song.”

Dave Berry - SongCrafters

“On 'Wednesday's Child': Excellent slick jazz. Romantic and lush. Totally professional. Wow! Great composition and lyrics...Great work...Simply marvellous. Like listening to a CD...Love this one. Lyrics are clever and wistful. Music sets the mood perfectly.”

Assorted - iCompositions

“On 'One Tear Don't Mean A Heartbreak': Wow! This is great. Your lyrics are outstanding...Great country sound...Another top-notch production. Fantastic lyrics, Donna. Love the imagery you use...Super song, super vocals, super music, super lyrics...You sure know how to write great lyrics.”

Assorted - iCompositions

“On 'The Old You Is Hotter': Love it! Has a real comic resonance...Great tongue-in-cheek lyric. Great vocal performance by Kahira, and the uke playing has funk...Cool uke and singing. Clever lyrics. Great melody hooks...Charming and quirky piece. The words are clever and incisive.”

Assorted - iCompositions

“On "Mommy and You": You wrote a masterpiece here, Donna! Billy, your music has such heart and depth. A master musical acoustician with that guitar. ...And Donna, Ankari's beautiful voice captured your "darkish" lullaby in an amazing way. It doesn't get any better than this. At least until your next release. ;-)”

Robin - SongRamp

“On "Magical Misery Tour": Wow, I love this! The vocal is just so good, but then the lyrics are fab in the first place. Ian has put some terrific work into the whole feel of this excellent song.”

facemask93 - SongCrafters

“On "Safe From Glass": This leaves me speechless. Unbelievably sad and great at the same time. Everything blends so perfectly together, from the lyrics to the arrangement, instrumentation, and vocals!”

Henry Mittenacht - MCS

“'Mommy and You' is an outstanding song on all levels! I was stunned at first at the beauty, and then got chills up my spine the entire song! And what was that at the very end? I thought I was being beamed up!”

Ken Hill - SongCrafters

“On "Leave Your Mind at the Door": Just when I thought you couldn't possibly write better lyics than before...you knocked this one out of the park. Witty, naughty and funny. What a gem. You rock, girl. And the music is yummy. To the I-Pod. Thanks Donna.”

Rod Bernard - SongCrafters

“On "Don't Look Back": This is what entertainment is all about. Such an imaginative write... and you and your team pulled it off so well. Superb work. Runs the full range of emotional attachments up and down the scale in one's mind. What a story line, and the performances are stunning.”

Dave Rice - SongRamp

“On "Keeper of Hearts": What a production!! Wow! Goosebumps...This is just Wonderful - Masterful. I love it! Wish there were bigger, better words I could use.”

Sheila Kaufman - SongRamp

“On "Don't Look Back": Andrew Lloyd Webber 'eat your heart out'.. Amazing stuff; a cool concept and SO well done. This is the stuff of film scores and soundtracks. Great work by all.”

John Howarth - SongRamp

“On "By Lake and By Lee": Lovely write here, Donna. Great storytelling.”

Michael Frazier - SongRamp

“On "Stranger Won't Touch You": This lullaby feels like it could or already has become a part of the tradition in far-off Australia. It is beautiful, fresh and timeless. From lyric, to melody, to vocal and production, this is one more example of the highest quality work that you constantly offer. I love this song. ”

Ann Mayo-Muir - SongRamp

“On "Soulhunter": Wow! Awesome work! Outstanding, great, unbelieveable. What a story and what an epic song.”

Holger Bremer - MCS

“On "Aiko-san and the Bamboo Blind": This song still takes my breath away. Amazing.”

Rusty Blake - SongRamp

“On "He Had His Way With Me": My goodness this is good. I'm actually a bit stunned it's so good. Writing, singing, music. And flawless. Got to say, this is still sinking in...”

Jere VanLoan - iCompositions

“On "A Near-Life Experience": I would have to write an entire book to give all the praise that this song deserves. The lyrics would move the heart of a stone... The music is outstanding...The vocals give me goosebumps. Fantastic in every way.”

Ann Mayo-Muir - SongRamp

“On "Aiko-san and the Bamboo Blind": Oh this is absolutely amazingly beautiful! Where to start?..well it all started with the lyric...which is gorgeous! Donna you are such a gifted writer! Billy's music is magical...and Monique's vocals are sublime!! Exceptional piece of music...I feel overwhelmed with emotion as I listen...”

Diane Rulliere - SongRamp

“On "If I Were A Sailor": When you see a lyric, such as this one...so well written...evolve into a perfect collaboration...with guitar playing that lifts your mind and floats it away on a melody, and a vocal that is ethereal... you see the magic involved in songcrafting.”

Peggy Mack - SongRamp

“On "Deep Blue Chill": How do you come up with the magic power to write such stirring lyrics? I am really moved by this music and the excellent interpretation by Al. The whole of it is dazzling and memorable.”

Ann Mayo-Muir - SongRamp

"The Dreeman Tree" made me cry from the first note on out. Every word and chord seems to shout "Look out, Heartbreak ahead!" Why do melodies and words so beautiful hint at heartbreak? Lyrics are so well crafted, and Rusty's vocal interpreted them as only a pro knows how to do. This is one of those songs that knocked me over.

Ann Mayo-Muir (folksinger; former member of trio 'Trickett, Bok, and Muir'. - SongRamp

"Come Hurry Lads to Sydney Cove" is brilliant...the lyrics are WAY too perfectly precise to have been written "today"; they SPEAK of a different time and place. YOU are a master, in other words, and your story lands and brings everyone who listens to the place you imagine... Brilliant. no kidding.

Michael West - iCompositions

“Wow. "Heart Please Break" is stunning in so many ways. The lyrics are touching and deeply genuine - and quite original! The vocals are stellar - absolutely stellar! The instrumentation is out-of-this-world, wow what a piano! A smashingly good collaboration!”

Timothy Wenzel - iComposition