"A Singer-songwriter that is one of the Country & Americana's scenes true journeymen."

“4 of 5 Stars “Nashville Singer-songwriter continues Country’s regeneration. Gallardo nods to country’s most distant past while sounding like its very near future.””

MOJO Magazine

“Named HICKORY as One of “Best Country Music Albums of 2015” with the likes of Gretchen Peters, Justin Townes Earle, Jason Isbell, Patty Griffin, Kasey Musgraves, Willie & Merle, Chris Stapleton & more”

““Don Gallardo is one of those rare gems… Don’s writing style harkens back to a time when Nashville was overflowing with great storytellers. Highly recommend to fans of great songwriters””

““Gallardo is a diverse performer with a lyrical depth and soothing vocal style which helps his songs weave between genres effortlessly hopping from alt-country to indie rock to classic rock in his purely Americana tracks that channel influences like Uncle Tupelo, The Band, Grateful Dead, and Wilco.“”

““Don Gallardo then served up rock solid Americana in the vein of Greg Trooper and other songwriters with big dreams and small hats. In an easy voice he sang warnings of forgetting your home and taking time for granted. All good words set to fine tunes.””

““Gallardo is a careful singer who writes intelligently about the boredom and charm of small-town life. His new full-length When the Daylight Whispers Darling ... is his strongest effort yet: country-rock with brains, charm and experimental impulses that are perfectly integrated into a familiar context.””

“The music is great. Lovely tracks, if you are a fan of the Ryan Adams style of alt-country.”

Ralph McLean BBC Ireland Ulster

“Don Gallardo, does not just so much deliver a song, he shakes it loose and smacks its back until it screams with life. Gallardo works words into flesh forms with a clear eye to make the heart beat both fast and slow.”

The Alternate Root Magazine

“Nicely played and sung – a sort of sip of Californian wine instead of a slug of Jack Daniels. Wholesome, heartfelt.”

Americana UK

““When the Daylight Whispers Darling is a charming and melodic album overflowing with wonderful country-influenced tunes. This may be Don Gallardo's best effort so far, proving he's a great songwriter with a great future ahead of him. “”

““A San Francisco to Nashville transplant who’s impressing the best in Americana””

Music City Roots

““A Heartland / Americana sound in the best tradition of artists like Tom Petty and Steve Earle.””

““The sound is as recognizable as the themes of broken relationships and unrequited love. Gallardo meets a musical mission with music that touches people, moves and delights.””

Johan Schoenmakers - AltCountryForum.nl

“Americana, guitar-strummin’ and heartstring-pluckin’ ”

“Don Gallardo plays charming, melodic folk rock with a lot of heart.”

““There’s no mistake about the old-time appeal of Sweetheart…peddling breezy indie folk with a Western sentiment. Rustic and easy-going melodies that have slack romance and an element of danger at the core. Likenesses have been drawn between Gallardo and the likes of Ryan Adams, Tom Petty and Steve Earle. Bold comparisons, yes, but not off base.””

Jessica Pace - The Murfreesboro Pulse (TN)

"Sweetheart Radio Revolution perfectly fits on American Radio. The song “I Give Up” is very tasteful."

"An engaging and tuneful album that will appeal to fans of Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, Steve Earle with hints of Paul Westerberg. Without a doubt one of the better Alt-country/Americana releases I've come across this year."

“Don Gallardo’s "Sweetheart Radio Revolution, Etc" is an incredibly well-crafted album. The majority of this album sees a folk based singer/songwriter side that is full of charm. His ability to craft and give listeners a raw and edgy feel wrapped around solid songwriting is simply amazing.”

“Don Gallardo & How Far West "Rock + Folk + Roots = Alt-Country"”

City At Night Magazine (Nashville)

“Don Gallardo's sound can be described as something like Tom Petty & Bob Dylan driving down an old country dirt road and picking up Johnny Cash hitch-hiking.”

"Don Gallardo isn't trying to reinvent country. He doesn't have to. He writes a good song. These are songs if I heard them in a bar somewhere on a Friday night I might get a little emotional. There's a feeling when I listen to these songs that wherever I am it's home."