Don Amero / Press

“Since he burst onto the local scene in 2006/07 with his sweet tenor voice and his beautiful acoustic songs, Don Amero has been called one of its brightest lights. On this album, Amero and producer Arun Chaturvedi take a confident step into the world of country pop. Ready to Love is surely a hit, with its memorable, hummable chorus, while songs such as Through the Storm and Right Where I Wanna Be toughen up Amero’s sound with a rocked-up, roadhouse vibe. There are also softer reminders of Amero’s unadorned roots in the form of Isabel’s Song (Coming Home) and opening cut Life’s Been Sweet (featuring slide and dobro). (3.5 out of 5 stars)”

John Kendle - Uptown Magazine

“LOCAL singer-songwriter Don Amero is a road warrior torn between his need to tour and his desire to be home with his family. Those sentiments are perfectly captured on his third album, which finds Amero venturing further away from his folk beginnings to a more countrified sound with the help of full band arrangements and producer/co-writer Arun Chaturvedi. A few songs, most notably the roots-rocker Right Where I Want to Be and Through the Storm, wouldn't sound out of place on contemporary country radio. Elsewhere he delves into some mellow pop on After the Rain and Ready to Love, adds a Latin groove to the mid-tempo Dark Horse and shows off his soft side on ballads like Home is Where My Heart Is, Isabel's Song (Going Home) and I Run To You. The Long Way Home leans a little too heavy on the slower side of things, but the album's diversions show he has a few other tricks up his sleeve, too, and serves as a strong statement from an artist hitting his stride. (3 out of 5 stars) ”

Rob Williams - Winnipeg Free Press

“Urban NDN magazine described Don Amero as a "Métis Mayer," and I think that's an apt comparison. The 28-year-old singer/songwriter's smooth voice is definitely similar to John Mayer's. Not quite as bluesy as the mega-popular American musician, Amero has more of a country vibe; although I wouldn't go as far as labeling it country music. Sugary sweet with plenty of soul and pristine production, this album will definitely appeal to fans of the soft-rock genre. Amero proves to be a versatile artist, with half of Deepening being heavily studio-produced and the other half suggesting he's capable of a more stripped-down sound. B+ ”

Jared Story - Uptown Magazine

“Singer/songwriter Amero is an optimist who believes in the power of music to change the world, or if not the world, at least your life. On his 10-song debut Amero turns his gaze towards Winnipeg (Hometown), his parents (Protection) and offers up an action plan for global affairs (Help This world). With only an acoustic guitar as accompaniment on most songs, Amero paints stark melodic portraits that almost contradict his lyrical themes. But even though the simple chords can be bleak, the vibe remains positive. 3 ½ stars out of 5 ”

Rob Williams - Winnipeg Free Press