Spank The Chemical Christians / Press

“Diggin' yer tuneage, excellent stuff. "Charlie B" treble braw and of course "A plague of Swine" went down well in the STY. PEACE, X ;@)”

dj Pig

“Wow, been listening to your stuff, you are amazing, wicked tracks, I love "Let me catch my breath," it's my favorite, Cheers!”

social deception

“Sounds fuckin excellent.. lovely melody with a nice dirty rythym... love it”


“Acidic vibes, with an almost downtempo IDM feeling. I dig. Emotive melody lines, and original flavour. Keep it up.”

static method

“I love the name of your band! I really dig "Seduction" with the vocals - really great! I love the minimalistic "Traverse the Rock" - and how it works really well with the video, too. You have a great feel for a kind of "Warm Leatherette"/ "TV OD" groove in some other styles of your writing, too.”

Eugene gyp knuckle Scarecrow - reverbnation