Domino / Press

"...powerful and emotive lyrics….an album by diverse musicians who are at the top of their game.”

“The layered textures and tones…take you out of your comfort zone and place you in a special dimension where the fusion makes perfect sense. The subtleties of the band come forward… then the heaviness hits…and you don’t want it to stop.”

"...an energetic and, at times, mesmerizing work...compositions are solid, and vocalist Erica Bowron proves she can belt with the best singers of the genre.”

“8 out of 10 - 45 minutes of non-stop polyrhythmic rock that neatly captures the power and professionalism of their live show. The production on this album is excellent…a sense of expansiveness, of horizons full of potential.”

"…seductive….cathartic …its astonishing that this is the first full-length from the group…”

"...masterpiece…an astoundingly beautiful debut…”

"Different to everything else around."

Half a Cow Records

"A tower of rock … infectious and full of energy."

The Sydney Morning Herald

"Domino have created their own genre … Glorious rock and roll balladry from the Middle East"

The Dwarf

"Great vocal strength and heavy guitar riffs … with sprinkles from the Middle East …a great new Australian metal release"

Tsunami Magazine

"There’s more than a little of the esoteric and particularly Middle-Eastern end of Zeppelin in this Sydney four-piece … belting powerhouse vocals …"

The Drum Media