Dominium / Press

“The EP's first song is titled "Arise,The unholy' it starts out doom with Order from Chaos like pitch shift talking, then goes into fast Black Metal... blast beats chainsaw gutsfukk guitar and harsh vokills. Halfway thru the song it has a nice breakup and cool guitar. Nice head banging, then back into chaos... a good song in my opinion. The second song titled "Enter Damnation" doesnt waste any time with fucking around and gets straight to the point of pure fucking Black Metal! This band has the element of old school and thats what i like. No wimp poser shit here! The third song titled "Unleashed" is head banging madness...then goes more fast paced Black Metal. Deffinatly the old Black Metal vibe here. As of now im sold and like this fucking band! The music is well written and solid the vokills are solid as well. The production is perfect for this EP. The fourth song titled "With blade, Kingdom conceived" has a wicked open guitar riff, then to fast black metal, mixed with mid-paced.”

“So, being a lover of black metal, I was not disappointed in this release from Dominium. The Satyricon-like vocals and vocal phrasings were the first thing that got my attention. Then came the timing ...especially on #4 "With Blade, Kingdom Conceived"....that gave me that out of control feeling that good black metal does. Add in some solid guitar riffs and this band puts it in your face...like it or not. I recommend you check them out. Rating: 8 out of 10”

“Dominium's EP "The Incursion" was well received in these ears! The raw aggressive style and frantic pace reminds me of some of my favorite Finnish BM bands! It's hard to believe they hail from Virginia! Hopefully they start working on a full length....I'd like to hear more! And if they read this, I'd be more than happy to play bass on the next output! Rating: 8.5 out of 10 ”

“5 tracks of some very good black metal. This didn’t come across as generic or boring at all. The singer has a good black metal style voice and he sings the songs with feeling and hate. The music is a mix of mid paced and fast black metal. The fast parts don’t come across as a blur and just had my playing air drums. While this isn’t by all means super original it is much better than a lot of other black metal bands that just play a million miles an hour and have a singer just scream and screech. This band also writes some wicked riffs as well. If you’re into Immortal, old Bathory, etc. you’ll be into this big time.”