“Dominanz are hailing from Norway, a land with tradition in extremity in it's music styles. Therefor this band could be no exception, only they have enriched their sound even more. Basically the band members come from the Black Metal scene, and this is obvious in the way of singing, but also in the style of music. But, adding some atmospheric and Gothic stuff, along with various industrial elements here and there, they created an album that moves in more than just a dimension. The music is aggressive and groovy, and creates a very sick atmosphere that fans will love. The songs are very good, with interesting ideas, and there are no weak or boring parts that might spoil the fun. The use of background female vocals makes things even more catchy. The musicianship is excellent, and the band manages to blend all their influences in a wise way, from the first to the last minute. The production is also very good. (9/10)”

“The album title, As I Shine is a literal contradiction to the aural morass that oozes from your speakers when you crank up the new CD from Norway’s Dominanz. What the listener is immediately struck by is the oppressive, dark, scaly atmosphere the trio creates. The band’s sound is something of a blackened industrial metal. Or, rave metal for the insane. Whichever you prefer. They label themselves as atmospheric metal, which is true if the atmosphere you long for is conducive to torture, torment and bloodshed. This is mood music for the depraved. My initial reaction listening to As I Shine, is this album could be the soundtrack to the entire “Saw” film series. The feel is stark, chilling, and cruel. In all, As I Shine, feels like the brain activity of a serial killer turned to sonic waves. Each track pulsating with an ambience of caliginous madness. The grime and stench of gloom so thick you want to take a shower at the album’s end, and scrub until your skin is raw.”