Domestic Terror / Press

“The 3-piece black metal outfit started their set with a great intro, and fading into a thrash of 80's death metal flavor (e.g. Venom), sounding like a very early Kittie (but male) meets Cattle Decapitation. The drummer's screams are dark and the growls are slow and grinding, for he is easily the "front man," though he's hidden behind cymbals, rides and crashes. I couldn't help but remember the 1980 bootlegs of early Nirvana front room/record store performances while watching these guys. The bassist and guitarist are great, but the guitarist relies a lot on 6th chords, augmented and diminished, but adding in flavorful bell tones and muffled creeks. The absence of guitar solos I assume are purposed, as they do tend to be "mandatory" in most of music. A killer band to see live. I would bet my life that they can get a crowd riled up and ready to get brutal. ”