domer / Press

“Domer’s 40-minute romp through heartbreak, the daily grind, and numerous other topics ultimately works because you feel like you know him by the album’s end. Actually, you feel like you are him. And it’s that amiable quality that makes Vaguest Vacation so much damn fun to listen to.”

“Combining bumping tempos with an array of vocal styles, Domer's Vaguest Vacation delivers a wide variety of sounds that drift between alternative rock and electronic and many other genres. From track to track you really never know what to expect, which becomes the mystery of this interesting album.”

"...A satisfying mix of soulful lyrics and indie-pop influences pioneered by the likes of the Postal Service, Her Space Holiday, and Aesop Rock... the perfect go-to album for either lazy days of pensive self-reflection or for nights of summer-inspired debauchery."

"...The up-tempo "Mellow Me" bounces along in a manner comparable to Spank Rock, while "Family" flips an Indian/Middle-Eastern vibe. "Midbreath" is another left turn; if this were your introduction you'd swear Domer to be an indie-rock band."