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“Article written by Rod Underhill - 1sound.com Dolly Rappaport glides gently through a Bay Area studio and perches on the bench before her grand piano. After a moment of reflection, she nods to her husband, Mitch Rappaport, who stands behind the glass window of the engineering booth. After adjusting her headphones, she smiles and prepares to lay the first tracks for another song. Dolly has a lot of work to do. She's already recorded more than a 100 songs, but there exist nearly 100 additional songs that she and her husband have written that remain yet unrecorded. Soon her hands are expertly moving across the keyboard as chords emerge and are dutifully recorded. Singing out in her clear, lovely voice, Dolly starts to knock out another pop gem. "The Bay Area community of artists and performers is a pretty close knit group," remarks Mitch to our question about how Santana and Tower of Power musicians had happened to guest on the recording of the song "Pendulum."”

Article written by Rod Underhill - 1sound.com - 1sound.com

"I just caught Dolly's live show. She is fantastic. . . full of charisma, and very vivacious. I love the songs. . . great band...great entertainers."

Russ Regan (former President of Motown)

"I’ve seen a lot of shows in my life, some with big name stars and some with locals who should have been big name stars but only a handful can be thought of as magical and last night you were magical."

audience member