Doll Fight! / Press

“Doll Fight! came on next and rocked the place to it’s core. Their punk songs were fast and furious and tons of fun. The audience was enthusiastic to start but half way through the set, the moshing began. I got shoved around a bit, but had a great time.”

“If the members of Doll Fight! did indeed play with dolls as children, it’s a good bet they enjoyed decapitating them. The Burlington-based trio put the “grr” back in riot-grrl punk with fierce, anthemic hooks, cleverly rendered and recklessly played”

“Bizarre arty punk that reminds me of Babes In Toyland, but maintains a snotty teenage attitude…Doll Fight[!] manage to sound like a selfish child in a room full of stuffed animals.”

Maximum RocknRoll

“Evolving into a legitimately cohesive punk juggernaut”

“This is what political music has lost: in recent years, for the most part, it’s been so busy being ironic, witty, nuanced and analytical that it’s lost its direct, barricade-building potency, its heart. Well, like the heart standing in for a clenched fist on the cover, Doll Fight! are putting the heart back in… very creative, and a lot more clever than it appears on its guitar-punk surface…reminds me of Black Flag… excellent vocal performances… Revolution Doll Style Now is an intelligent piece of work, and a great listen.”