“Indira Nelson: I'm feeling this & I'm blazin that's what's up all ya can make a song out of anything”

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“Naughtia MattelMade Steffano MI LUV YA TUNEZ. WICKED DEM! BIG UPS!”


“Sabrina Gregory Dolla bill gotta give it to u I really enjoy that single”

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“Marco Nichelotto thanks Dolla Wicked Tune”

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“LastExodus Beatz Big Chune !”

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“Veronica Ruth Majsiak DOLLA DOLLA BILL YALL <♥>”

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“Reggae Strong Big Up Dolla Bill Reggae Artist Give Thanks for the Link!! Chunez Gooooooood!!!”

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“Tracy-Ann Costly I wish i could com but am too far :(”

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“British Lee All Good : Nice!!!!”

british lee All Good

“Rohan Coombs:yo dolla di tune dem a shot ..”

Rohan Coombs

“Chrystal Bernard : niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

Chrystal Bernard

“My-baby Boo : ok hun......god go wid u keep on doing ur music... no 1 can stp u...tell badmind ppl fi gweh...... big up urself *DOLLA BILL*”

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“Rushina Gansta Barbie Spence; mi lv d ice cream 1...jah nw it a gwann pawdy.....n fi d baby grl mi like it 2...but cuz anuh my type a music still...mi rather d fus 1”

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“Sashele Sashy Gordon ; Ok, impressive!”

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“Tiara Samller..: y/w like that got to share.”

Tiara smaller

“Unique Tash.. yuh songs dem a gwaan big up everytime star boy inna real life”


“Amy Darboe .. Bless Up Dolla Bill ~ Give thanks for di share ~ Love tha tracks ~”

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“To all Dis jockey , Selectors, Radio Personal and Music lovers. Listen my Music and get your free Download and mek sure Ya'll start playing my music every where.. SALUTE.! ”

“BaaM ,BoooooZlee, Its Like A Trick !!!!!!!!!”

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