Doktryn / Press

“Considering the album title you might be a bit shocked when this EP comes on your path, not that much sweetness in that sound as you associate with love. But love can also be passion and passion is something you surely find in the sound of duo Julien and Stephane. It is dark and has deep, doom threatening beats that prepare you for something that is a bit heavier. Yet you get your introduction to a different world, in which Doktryn makes you dance. Must say the guys comes with some original ideas here and there, which seems much welcome in the scene so it is to hope that the guys will score well with it.”

Sabine van Gameren - Tempelores magazine

“DOKTRYN excelle dans leur genre. On ressent beaucoup d’inspirations diverses autant d’un point de vue cinématographique que musicale. Ce groupe « Electro/Gothique » est peut-être ce que nous avons de mieux pour rivaliser avec des pointures dans ce domaine, comme COMBICHRIST ou même KMFDM. Cependant, je pense que DOKTRYN reste encore assez timide, ce groupe a réellement du potentiel et vient de nous prouver à travers ces quatre titres leur envie de se démarquer. Le groupe va sortir très prochainement un album, alors on espère qu\'une chose c’est de trouver des morceaux qui vont encore plus loin, qui osent encore plus fort, mais pour ça, on se fait pas trop de soucis pour eux!”

Teenage.Whore - Pavillon666

“They’ve made their flag ‘The Taxi Driver’ and through it they attack not only the hippies but the fraudulent hopes and aspirations which were carried through 70’s and were used to “explain” not only the social changes but also one of the toughest phases of the Cold War. One should listen to the BEATLES’s ‘All you need is Love’ and the homonymous from DOKTRYN to feel the difference not only in music terms but as a point of view of life. Their music is electro / dark with the at times “dirty” noise to pinpoint brilliantly the chaotic elements of these days. The only thing that is really disappointing in this, their first CD, is that they’ve stayed half-way. They preferred to release only four songs stating that they are in the process of writing more. Throughout, the feeling listening to this CD is that the band has what it takes to make its own mark and I’m expecting great things to come from this band.”

Ray Dunkle - Reflections of Darkness