D.O.H. / Press

"I don't see why I've never heard of that band before. They've got a super professional sound and if everyone knew that band, then, it'll become huge. The singer's stage presence was as remarkable as a thunder! He moved around a lot, went down near us while singing and headbanging, sang in front of girl and even tried to seduce a man next to her, laughters were implied! He even gave to someone in the crowd the opportunity to whip him. You could say this is strange but he actually said: "But you're worst, you're the one paying me to see that!". His voice was a sweet mix of Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin and even a little bit of Alice Cooper I would say, perfect for their type. A ton of solos and catchy riffs that forced us to move along with the rythm. Even a drum solo that was more than acceptable. What impressed me the most I think was the bassist. I tought he'd play a little solo only but no, he started producing freak sounds that ended up being a very good result."