Dogz On Parole / Press

“This Texas Punk band is punk in the traditional sense. They go all the way: loud, fast and hard-driving with the provocative abrasive rebellious nature that has driven punk from it's earliest years. At the same time, Dogz also throws in a fresh world and social view as well as a fresh self-view with a swagger that makes them a band all their own. They show that punk/punk-metal can still be as fresh today as it was when it first rose to popularity in the seventies.”

“Dogz on Parole are the second best punk band in Houston, only behind The Hates!”

Andrew Schlett - Rivethead Magazine

“Dogz on Parole are an awesome punk band out of Houston. They have an awesome live set and have shared the stage with some great bands. They also have an awesome EP available online as a free download, download now! I said now!”