joe DOE / Press

“joe DOE, You Have to be the most Outstanding Rap Artist that I know.!!!! Your Rap Lyrics are Real Talk, and absolutely Brilliant.!!!! It seems You have a Never Ending supply of Lyrics and an Excellent Voice to Put Them Out.!!!!! You Are A Way Over The Top Artistic Genius.!!!!”

“It took you less than an hour to change my life, my perspective... They need to give you a fucking merit, simply for releasing those tracks into the public. You're more than an artist, man, you're a revolution waiting to happen.”

“You are the voice of the people. I wish more fans and artists would listen carefully to your lyrics. If they did they would know what is really coming down around them.”

“Your lyrics are absolutely amazing... Your flow is seamless and the message on "Everyone is a Hustler Now" is pretty hard hitting and very relevant with what we're all going through right now. The production is crystal clear and you've got a fresh sound.”

“I really like this because I am an avid believer that rappers are todays storytellers...just as ancient story tellers passed down history with oral language rappers do the same now and when they use intelligent lyrics to point out life's dark points...”

“I may have to retire, having heard the most musically perfect hip hop cd ever made and that ever will be made... if this shit doesn't go plat then hip hop truly is dead.”

“Thank You DOE for waking us up on our way of thinking.”

“All I can say is damn kid!!! ..all the sounds were composed just right, plus the lyrics were on some real crazy stuff, something like Slim Shady.”

“If you don't know about DOE just keep your eyes (all 3) & ears open dog, because it's only a matter of time until he's so big you'll be pissed when he's played out.”