Dodgy Mountain Men / Press

" 'Stronger Than Death' is a collection of big songs performed with genuine enthusiasm, and when it’s turned up, the temptation is to jump about in much the same way as the average festival attendee."

“Sort of like moonshine, their raw sound grows on you with its old-time mix of bluegrass and frontier music. They credit Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead as influences, among others, yet the string band nuances bring out the Americana in their tunes (Rockacana?)”

“I’m happy to say that the Dodgy Mountain Men play with a freshness and vitality that took me by surprise. Instrumentally, they are top-notch. The energetic interplay between the guitar and the mandolin is reminiscent of some of the Grisman & Garcia work that I hold dear... The attack on each song is a breath of fresh air that belie the youth of a band still in love with their craft.”

“The Dodgy Mountain Men are on the rise, and not the overnight sensational rise you see with a band of strangers that discover success, happiness and the fountain of youth overnight... Imagine, if you can, four guys walk out of the deep woods, coming off a mountain that rises on the edge of the sea only to find a beach with campfire and instruments all around, where then they proceeded to live, sleep, and write music. Well played DMM, well played!”

“On Saturday, January 29, 2011, they launched into a free-wheeling set, which ignited the crowd, which fed the band, which led to one of those energy tornadoes which lift venues right off the ground. When it was over, many participants had to drink considerable amounts in order to recover.”

"Dodgy Mountain Men plays dingy, foot-tapping folk rock good for campfires, whisky, old-timey murderers, and hobbits."

"Even though their time on stage was limited this night, The Dodgy Mountain Men managed to put together a very smooth, rocking set of great music that in most ways is beyond one specific definition."