Doctor Magnum / Press

"[Doctor Magnum's] music is kinetic and funky but it can also be relentlessly tuneful. Magnum Carta Holy Grail is stuffed full of easy-going, falling-off-the-log greatness that blends rock with soul, R&B and jazz and whatever else the moment may call for."

"...Doctor Magnum marshals humor, chops and that 'sloppy hip hop beat’ to illustrate the enduring relevance and capacity for renewal of small-group interactive improvisation."

"...[Doctor Magnum] have transcended their jam-band billing."

"...there’s enough going on musically to keep things interesting and to further blur the lines between jazz and hip-hop...Doctor Magnum is able to recreate in studio much of the energy and intensity from their live recordings."

"Doctor Magnum [is] a jazz forward group that takes on elements of 60s arrangement and production values into modern day hip-hop constructs."

"Doctor Magnum’s debut release Magnum Carta Holy Grail is chock full of these insistent little moments that stay with you long after you’ve given up on what label you should give the music. Jazz that swings is good, but you can’t neglect the art of the dirty groove either."

"The juxtaposition of style and influence isn’t the purpose here. In the jazz tradition, Doctor Magnum are taking current songs and making them their own."