Doctor Bones / Press

“If you haven't yet gone out to see Doctor Bones perform live, you should do so right away. More than just a great band, Doctor Bones knows how to put on a stellar stage show. Their live show tells a similar tale every time, the same one heard in their first EP, Numbers: troublesome love and addiction.”

"Doctor Bones writes with their own philosophy in mind: bleak, broken-hearted and truthful lyrics against a upbeat party background, much like the Flaming Lips."

““An American Arctic Monkeys who have more investment in punk rock, Oingo Boingo and a seriously deep rooted sense of what little made the early 1980s great.” ”

Mitchell Hillman - Java Magazine

““They project high energy into the crowd and the crowd recipro­cates. The more excited the crowd gets, the more amped and nuts the bands gets and vice versa." ”

Annamarie Sanchez - Echoclo­ud.tv

"Numbers speaks “Quality over quantity” with only five tracks but I’m sure that if they added 10 other tracks I would still enjoy the entire album with as much exubera­nce. After listening to Numbers, Doctor Bones tops my list of local bands I want to see live as soon as possible."