DOCO / Press

“You haven't heard a band like this before. This is reggae with a distinct post-punk edge, heavy out-there drums with a distinct backbeat, dub insanity, and some jagged guitarists who are comfortable standing in the front.”

"Doco are on the front lines while on the other side lies the gigantic music conglomerates and their attorneys doing their best to protect their own interests."

"Do yourself a favor and check out The Fossil Record."

"The radio gods love Doco. I've burned a hole in their album."

D-Love - Surf 98.3 FM Wilmington

“Doco's new album The Fossil Record just rages with a creativity no single genre can contain.”

Sam Smith - RazzberrySync.com

“The new album is sick. Sacrifice whatever animals/children/lives necessary to get a copy.”

Corey Martin - Riot House International

"Doco makes the big toe in my boot jump up."

Boogie Joe The Grinder - Green Shack

"The energy and stage presence all bands should have."

Hisham Salam - The Technician

"Doco melts face. No doubt about it."

Andy Fischer - Lot 47

“Alaska loves Doco.”

Greg Bookout - Professional Fisherman

“I heard Satan sold his soul to Doco.”

Jake Verbiest - Druid Pryde

“You guys are the juice.”

Hammer No More The Fingers

"Doco are SICK. Buy them a drink."

Bobby - Digital