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"Ryan Daniel and Natalie Nicole Green got the event rolling and warmed up the audience for a long day of music ahead, attendees took part in raffles and browsed through vendor tents filled with wares." “I think it was awesome; we didn’t know what to expect really,” said Judith Martin, a local Orlando resident who knows Bulford personally. “I heard one announcement on the radio about the show, and we heard all the artists that were coming. ... all the other acts were really outstanding.”

"...a fan of Hard rock with an underlying Gothic sound in the style of bands such as Evanescence and Lacuna Coil, you need to check out New York band The Raygun Girls and their newest release entitled Dirt Collector! 4 Stars"

"...if you're going to open your CD with an audio clip of Christopher Walken threatening to stick a soldering iron in your face, you'd better be able to back up that intensity throughout the CD. The Raygun Girls do just that on "Dirt Collector"."

"New York hard rock four-piece, The Raygun Girls, are three quarters male, but temper their gnarly, crunching metal with Cila's soaring vocals. The result is an odd mix that's along the lines of Static –X and Lacuna Coil."

"In fact lets not be coy here, Put this on and you could actually be listening to Lacuna Coil!!! Its exceptionally close in terms of sound and style, but that's not exactly a negative thing here as the song "Paranoia" is a bone-fide class song."

"Dirt Collector is a solid release with highlights of industrial progressions, busy rhythms, and thunderous doom laden blast beats. All and all The Raygun Girls is a band to keep your eyes on." ,