DMT / Press

“Raven Black, Taipan, and DMT rolled into the Club Safari and tore the roof off the place. DMT started off the mayhem with some high energy rip curling music. Check them out as they play this Friday night, August 5, at the Slidebar in Fullerton as they battle for a slot on the Summer Slaughter tour.”

“As a society we have repressed our sexual passions, keeping it suppressed to just the realm of pleasures, not realizing that these energies which arise from within us, are a glimpse of our true divine essence and potential. Ancient tantric practices used sexual energies to reach enlightenment, whether we use psychedelic's medicines like DMT, or we produce our own endogenous chemicals in our mind during a sexual frenzy ritual, the point is to find the doorway within ourselves, to transcend the limitations of our fears, and to go all the way along the pathless spiritual journey! ~DMT...”

"If your first thought when hearing a heavy metal band is that they must be spreading a message of death and destruction, then get to know the local band DMT and change your misconception. DMT is certainly not just another black wearing, instrument bashing, screaming group of guys . . . it is also the acronym for a chemical that is secreted by your pineal gland when you’re born, when you die and when you dream at night—and when ingested, this drug is known to cause vivid hallucinations into the metaphysical world. Although the heaviness and insane double bass of this band’s music reminds us of some of the greatest metal bands of all time, songs like 'American Evolution' and 'Beneath the Surface' by DMT will guide you toward your spiritual side and awaken the vessel to your consciousness. These guys urge you to not be driven by ego or structured by fear—instead allow the ethereal journey of life encompass you."

“Scarsville’s Serra Scars recently conducted an interview with Los Angeles/Orange County, CA based Metal band DMT. In the interview the band talk about their message, drive and the passion that leads them.”

“The Los Angeles, CA based metal band DMT has released a new music video for “American Evolution," taken off the debut EP “A Shift of Ages.” The video was directed and edited by Lord Zane of Society 1, who also directed Wayne Static’s solo debut video “Assassins of Youth."”

“Interview with Alistar V of DMT MUEN: “I3″ Great track. The line “We will destroy what we create” totally hooks you in. This is a pretty hard song with lots of action in it, reminds me of warriors tearing into violence with swords of wild abandon. Can you tell me about it? DMT: So this is a good example of a multi-dimensional song, one the surface it is a warlike anthem, taking back our rights from the oppressive government. But on a deeper level it is about the battle of ego, or the unconscious vs. the conscious mind. So when we say “We will destroy what we create” this goes back to the idea of destroying the illusion of the ego and taking back our consciousness...So its our anthem to stand and fight for your rights on a political level, and your to fight for your rights to explore your own consciousness on a spiritual level."...”