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““D.L. is a songwriter that brings everything to the table, leaving the listener wanting more. Songs with meaning and a story, Real Outlaw Country”

Chuck Kuehn - Pagosa Springs news

“The songs and music of D.L. Marble are a favorite watering hole where Alt Country, Indie Americana, Blue Eyed Soul and Classic Rock can all meet, knock back a few and join in a communal chorus. ‘Not The One’ drives along the many angles and curves of love, with those participating in relationships hanging on and hanging in. D.L. Marble spends a good deal of time as a traveling musician and the stories reflect the fine line balance and sacrifices of road life...... ‘Not The One’ is one of those albums where each listen brings a new favorite into your life. For me, that’s “Sombrero Lullaby”. There is a lot of room for the characters to play in the song but with a slight bend D.L. Marble’s voice brings hints of a darker plot giving you the feeling that the real tale is in the back story.”

“(D.L.) Marble writes like a seasoned lyricist. “Not the One” is a collection of polished rock and country grounded in roots rock and American folk music. More importantly, it’s genuine”

“Who needs good when you are Great- Eric "Roscoe" Ambel.”

Roscoe Ambel

" I write for you.. not for them, remember that"