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“Rapper Dominique Larue long approached her music like Muhammad Ali stepping up to the podium, filling her verses with over-the-top boasts about her verbal dexterity and blow-by-blow accounts of the various lyrical beat downs she was gearing up to inflict on those rival MCs who dared cross her path.”

“Earlier this month NPR.com posted an article by University of Richmond Hip Hop Culture educator Erin Nielson which poised the question: Where Did All The Female Rappers Go? Well, Columbus emcee Dominique LaRue is having her Ohio release party for her album with DC/Indianapolis producer Maja 7th entitled Grand at Double Happiness Friday April 4.”

“Hip-hop duo Maja 7th | Dominique Larue recently released their debut EP titled Grand. Maja 7th is a producer and highly skilled musician (plays piano, french horn and trumpet) hailing from an Anderson Indiana. Columbus Ohio native Dominique Larue is the female hip-hop lyricist of the group.”

“Grand, the new collaborative project from producer Maja 7th and emcee Dominique LaRue exemplifies the saying ‘Half short, twice strong‘. The duo deliver a 9 track body of work that displays lyrical depth, wit, engaging musical arrangement,cohesive to say the least. They found a formula,stuck to it through and through and it works to say the least. No unnecessary features or skits,they skipped all of that and served us something thorough instead. This is that smooth,souled out music that anyone can easily gravitate to. My choice tracks: Happyness, Paint The Town, Get The Money, Seems Like Heaven”

“The GRAND new project from producer Maja 7th and rapper Dominique Larue is now upon us. Regal ain’t it? With all production coming from acclaimed beatsmith Maja 7th, this project is sure to be a winner.”

“On the heels of her 2012 collaborative effort with D. Will entitled diem, Columbus' Dominique Larue has been hard at work on multiple projects. One of those projects is a collaboration with Maja 7th called GRAND. There's no release date set yet, but expect to hear it "Soon." You can check out the first single by the same name right now over on SoundCloud.”

“So what are you getting today? The track #SOON is the debut track from the two artists, and although you may not necessarily find it on their upcoming collaboration, it’s definitely a nice way to become acquainted with what’s to expect in the near future from these two. Give the track a bump and download below. #SOON”

“Producer Maja7th teams up with Dominique Larue on this short but engaging piece. No corny hooks or hash tag punchlines here, straight up tight lyricism over soulful chops. What I really loved here was the way Dominique weaved her lines to fit the samples like she was having a “convo” with the instrumental and this is done without being forced or sluggish. This is my first introduction to her music and I have no doubts about this lady..not an atom of doubt here. Get with the program asap!”

“Maja7th and Dominique Larue team up for their upcoming project, #GRAND. The first leak from the record is “#SOON.””

"Part two of their carpe. diem. series, set to be released sometime in April, is almost opposite of it’s predecessor with a more relaxed under-tone. Although they are in different states, D/Will in Missouri and Larue in Ohio, the duo has been able to obtain a chemistry that shows throughout their history together."

“To follow up their carpe. project Dominique Larue and D/Will are getting ready to drop diem. on July 10th and to get us ready they released the single “Circulate” back in March but bring it back with video treatment with help by Chuck You. Definitely an ill track and ill video, you can guarantee I will be copping diem. on July 10th based on the strength of this single alone. If you haven’t done so already cop “Circulate” now via Bandcamp.”

“This. Is. Dope. As. I’ll let you complete the well known phrase. From the upcoming release ‘diem’, the follow up to ‘carpe’ which you can listen to from the link below and I absolutely URGE you to. It’s so good. Never heard of this duo (Larue’s the MC and compliments D Will’s production perfectly) before but cannot wait for diem now after listening to their stuff. Due out end of April. ”

“Dominique Larue saves the day! Almost nothing makes me as happy as receiving a brand new Dominique Larue joint. I’m especially happy to introduce this joint to y’all because it’s a remix to possibly my favorite joint from her. This remix basically has the same soundscape and subject matter, but it has two new Boston emcees on the joint, M-Dot and Boycott Blues, plus a fresh new Dominique Larue verse. M-Dot brought a dense voice and dragging delivery, which in this case isn’t a bad thing. In this case, it works for him and adds personality to his verse. Dominique, like usual, brought her steady flow and hard-hitting bars. I must say that listening to the song in its entirety; one knows that this is her song. Her verse just fits so flawlessly. Boycott Blues was the only verse that wasn’t in your face. This worked to his advantage because considering the arrangements of his rhyme schemes; it worked out best if he showcased a more mellow execution...”

“Back in December of 2010, I helped present Carpe, a dope project from D/Will & Dominuqe Larue, that got a grip of praise for D/Will's masterful beats and Dom's tough rhymes. I had no idea that this was a two-part series, as diem. is set to drop in April. This first cut from the project features a dope flip of a classic sample, and the Missouri x Ohio tandem really create something ill with this. I guess lightening can strike twice.”

“Columbus’ own DOMINIQUE LARUE is being nominated for best Female Artist.You want to know why you should vote for her just check out her newest project and check her out. I personally have watched her perform and am telling you she is raw…no glitter, barbie ish. Real Hip Hop, lyrical content…the truth. ”

“Dominique Larue: The Sam Jackson Project Columbus, Ohio’s Dominique Larue has a strong voice and a legitimate flow. In fact, the only thing with more bad ass on her album The Sam Jackson Project might be the Samuel L. Jackson samples taken from the many roles he’s played over the years. If there is one thing that Dominique should be considered, it is the real deal as a rapper. The focus of the album is obviously to incorporate Sam Jackson lines throughout, but at no time does it seem that the album is a concept album. Each track is a separate demonstration of Dominique’s prowess as not just a female, but a rapper.... Rating: 9.3”

“Dominique Larue ft. M-Dot & Revalation "We Are" (prod. by Onederkid): Of course I didn't know that Dom Larue had her Sam Jackson Project dropping via Dub MD (whattup, fucker) on the 29th of August. of course I didn't know that she linked up with two of the EMS heads (whattup, fuckers) for this BANGER. Why would I know? This is pure heat. Those strings make everything feel bigger than usual, and I love how Onederkid flips those drums randomly Just a heavyweight record. Something for supreme MCs to go dumb over. And they definitely make this track retarded. ”

“Peep this track from female rapper Dominique Larue, this is the first of two leaks off The Sam Jackson Project. Titled We Are, it features Boston’s very own M-Dot (Winner of 2010 “Hip-Hop Artist of the Year” at 23rd Annual Boston Music Awards) and Revalation of EMS with production from Onederkid hailing from Dade County. The beat is a decent enough for a lyrical assaulting, reminiscent of early 90’s posse cuts. With each MC beasting on the track. ”

“After many scheduling setbacks, Dominique Larue finally drops the first of two leaks off of The Sam Jackson Project. “We Are” features Boston’s very own M-Dot (Winner of 2010 “Hip-Hop Artist of the Year” at 23rd Annual Boston Music Awards) and Revalation of EMS ”

“It’s been nearly a year since Dominique Larue stepped into the Booth with her last feature, The Countup, but don’t worry—today, the Ohio femcee returns to reassure fans that “We Are Here.” The first of two leaks off the artist’s forthcoming street release, this bombastic banger finds the headliner joining forces with Boston-based reader fave M-Dot and Booth newcomer Revallation over a beat by Onederkid. Watch for Larue’s latest street album, The Sam Jackson Project, to hit the ‘net August 29.”

“After many scheduling setbacks, Dominique Larue finally drops the first of two leaks off of The Sam Jackson Project. “We Are” features Boston’s very own M-Dot (Winner of 2010 “Hip-Hop Artist of the Year” at 23rd Annual Boston Music Awards) and Revalation of EMS with production from Onederkid hailing from Dade County. The Sam Jackson Project is scheduled to be released on August 29, 2011 with Dub MD Promotions and cuts by DJ Bern from Larue’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio. ”

“This is one of those projects that, when I got asked to present it, it was a no-brainer. I randomly got a blast featuring Dominique Larue's music a while ago, and was glad to hear a female who had flow. With ladies like Nicki Minaj only showcasing one side of the coin to the mainstream, I love when ladies like Jean Grae, Eternity, Zane One and Dom Larue let it be known that it's not just dudes going ham on the mic. I'm proud to present this EP of nothing but Dom over beats produced by D/Will. They have a pretty organic feel, as if Dom was the only MC that needed to be on these. The project also flows well - while each track has it's own ebbs and flows, they all maintain the same vibe. Someone gave Dom the green light, and "it's on, nigga, it's on...". ”

“What better way to get potential fans situated in your situation by dropping an EP to give them a whiff of what you’re cooking? While the definition of the EP has been morally corrupted thanks in part to rappers bad at math, Columbus, Ohio’s Dominique Larue feels the game and her city needs a woman’s touch and she’s seizing the day with producer D/Will with Carpe, an authentic EP created just to act as the prelude for her next full length project later next year. Presented by Rock The Dub, Ms. Larue keeps it short and sweet to whet your anticipation for the real female takeover, Oprah. ”

"Artist: Dominique Larue Title HerStory EP Twitter: Dominique Larue on Twitter Website: Dominique Larue's Website Presented By: Dominique Larue, the Columbus, Ohio femcee who brought us exclusive freestyle “This Ends Now,” has hooked up with Dub MD and DJBooth.net to teach listeners a lesson in HerStory on her latest EP. Pittsburgh producer/emcee Idasa Tariq mans the boards on the six-track project, which comes complete with Booth-premiered, reader-approved leak “Batter Up.” In addition to guest bars by Idasa Tariq, HerStory features a guest contribution from Stik Figa, the Kansan rapper previously heard on “Whatcha Talkin’ Bout.”

"Oddly enough, I was thinking to myself, “I wanna hear some female rappers today.” And here is one, produced by the homie D/WILL"

"Dominique LaRue has the type of buttery delivery that makes your heart melt. She’s soulful and insightful while staying well clear of falling out of the role of MC. She even recruited some males to handle the crooning on her latest free release, HerStory, which is a must-cop."

"Dominique Larue drops HerStory, a 6 track EP produced by Idasa Tariq. Dominique’s goal with this project is to let people know that life is more than what TV tells us and to learn about HerStory or Their Story or Your Story or Our Story, we know enough about His Story. But don’t get it twisted, this project is not a HerStory lesson, Larue just wants to get a couple things off her chest and encourage people to broaden their horizons."

"The 190th entry in our DJBooth.net Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Dominique Larue, the Ohio native previously heard on the reader-acclaimed HerStory EP. The first artist to contribute a second entry to our series (she also brought us entry 141, This Ends Now), the Famous Records/Universal femcee spits over Madlib instrumental entitled Red, Black & Green Showcase on her brand new, exclusive No Rules freestyle. Larue is currently working on two forthcoming projects, one produced by Severe and the other produced by drielb; keep it locked for further details!"

"I know you guys are sleeping on Dom and her From Ohio With Love album, so we're gonna give you this tasty treat for free, then ask you - what the hell are you thinking females aren't rockin' it, if you aren't checking for them? Grab this, then go grab the album. Big up Dom Larue."

"Short of a mind-blowing orgasm, there’s no better feeling in the world than listening to a track from an artist you’ve never heard before and instantly falling in love. That was exactly the feeling I had this morning with I first heard DJBooth newcomer Dominique Larue’s new track Fall ’96. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio - also the birthplace of yours truly - Larue is determined to prove that dope female emcees are far from extinct, they’re just being sadly overlooked (except on DJBooth.net). As always, it’s the music that matters, not the gender, and Fall ’96 rolls over some gripping production from Ghost Rydah (love the percussion in the third verse) while Larue pays homage to one of hip-hop’s brightest era’s with a flow that’s reminiscent of Common’s classic I Used to Love H.E.R. Can you tell I’m really digging this track? Fall ’96 is off Larue’s upcoming mixtape Dub MD Presents: End of Regulation, set to drop on November 19. Keep it locked for all the lates