Zer0.1™ / Press

“This music a collage of indigenous to industrial. A a dangerous ride through different and unexplored terrain. "WARNING". For your safety and protection. Please keep your arms in side. Wile this vehicle of sound is in motion.”

project 2025 - Artist

“nice tracks here wicked!peace stig x”

Animatera - Artist

“Define is awesome! Love your sounds! Best wishes!!”

The Caves of Sugar Grove - Artist

“Yo and thank you for visiting !! Great fuking subs !! Very interesting structures as well. Keep experimenting !!”

The PhysicystS - Artist

“Very cool beats!”

3 Day Meat Sale - Artist

“Infectious beats”

Auto-Pilot - Artist

“Thank you for the kind words. I love talented, intelligent & good hearted people <3”

Sich - Artist

“wow great tracks dude, glad you liked mine but wow yours have so much power. Love 916 Arma Gettin it, wicked track the singing is fan freakin tastic. Keep it up buddy.”

Touch Circle - Artist

“Keep bangin em out fam! Ur sounds r unique, u got ma vote!!!”

Pyro Kenesis - Artist

“I really enjoy your work :)”

Sich - Artist

“'20.X 50 CAL ' WILD SOUND VERy cReativE, moog sounds , great blending , rock on friend”

7beatstreet/Dan Albury - Artist

“Whoa! What a talented artist!”

Psychronic Continuum - Artist

“Almost forgot to mention that Three Words took ahold of me straight off the bat and listening to it again, just now, I felt engaged again. It's brilliant. Your talent is dig-worthy 'n excellent. *~*~*~*~*”

Reiny Pier - Artist

“Driving, brooding, and mezmerizing. Songs that sneak up on you and grab you from behind.”

Jordan Reyne - Artist

“Cool stuff... Love Mirandea”

Mirandea - Artist

“Cool tunes man !! :)”

gwizard - Artist