D.j. Swiftofcol / Press

“im back on the scene”

“2010 came to end and mega mix 13 did the job new year new sound slow it down 23 confessions coming soon”

HNIC - Dubsouth Ent

“mega mix vol 13 is going to jump off they is no turning back now”

Derek jerimaine - Dubsouth Ent

“for all those who think this man is local need to go back rethink cause the local thing local about this me is address his mixtapes are worldwide -sleeping dragon”

“dj Swiftofcol from columbus,ga but his mixtapes is international status cause he send them anywhere anywhere they want his music its going there”

Dubsouth Ent - KW

“over 200 mixtapes gone how u do it swift”

Derek jerimaine - dubsouth ent

“he keep coming harder and harder each time he drop a mixtape”

Derek jerimaine - dub south Ent

“DJ swiftofcol has doing his thang for awhile and it time for him to blow”

“its going down”