DJ RVIO / Press

“Simply adore your work on "Second Chance Call" Nice blend coherent blend of instrumentation. Lovely work.”

Lola la Showgirl - Reverbnation - Artist

“DJ RVIO-this music is so groovy, so catchy, a fantastic mix of soulful R&B and electronica. Your music is unexpected and crosses the lines of musical genres in the most wonderful ways.”

Maureen Russell - Reverbnation

“Progressive surfing. thats wadup doe!!!”

DreamTeamVille - ReverbNation

“Doing my late night muscial drive by and came upon "Paint anyway" Great stuff! Truly original just made me want to groove off my chair! Thanks”

Circular Vision - ReverbNation

“DJ RVIO, now this is extremely funky, very cool integration of an R&B sound with electronica. I think this would be the perfect house music, but that's me! I really love the weave of diversity in these tracks, sounds and vocals and beats. So truly cool you found me. ;)”

Janice Kephart - ReverbNation

“Really enjoying your eclectic approach to cutting and mixing beats and soulful vocal grabs into tunes..great collage approach that pays off on tracks like "dubby moore" and "paint anyway"..tasty, fun tunes!”

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“Video of SIDI IFNI Show”