NuthinNyce / Press

“I hope that you have enjoyed this time that I have shared with you, last but not the least trust and believe, there isn't anything in life that seems to come easy, somethings may take time and can be "HEAVEN" sent, but with a little orginality, thought, adaptation, and motivation anything is possible, but nothing will ever come to those who are waiting, "IT AIN'T EASY" dropped and I felt everything everybody else feels feeling them motivates me even more to be myself but be the most realest artist that can make a change...NUTHINNYCE”


“New singles from the up coming debut album "Michael" NuthinNyce shocked everybody when he went hard in February 2011, getting off the producing scene and straight into the production of his first solo album. I am sure we are all in for a treat. With a completely different swag this artist has something to contribute.”

Michael Phillips

“They said,"you would never make it"....... They said,"it was impossible"........ They said,"it couldn't be done"........it's been 8 months, and 3 albums later with a debut album coming around the corner,.............THEY WERE WRONG.”

T. Reed Morris